Friends: 5 Looks That Are Totally In Right Now (& 5 That Died With The Nineties)

One of the most popular TV shows of all time is Friends. The characters, the stories, the setting, the relationships, and the moments that made fans laugh, cry, and laugh again have made this series a classic.

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One of the most iconic aspects of Friends is the fashion. From Chandler’s vests and Phoebe’s hippie looks, to Rachel’s many memorable skirts, dresses, and sweaters, there are several stand-out clothing items that appeared over the years. Today, 10 of them will be discussed, which either are totally in right now or which died with the ‘90s.

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10 Out: Chandler’s Vests

Chandler Bing loved a good sarcastic comment and a good outfit that was topped off with a vest. This look that he is wearing here was quite in style during this day and age, but it is not something that is worn or seen any longer.

Some may be thankful that his boy band-esque ensemble is in the past, but some were actually very into this. And while men may not turn to vests very often in 2019, this is a go-to Chandler outfit that helped make him, well, him.

9 In: Rachel’s Overalls

Another notable trend from this decade would be overalls, and they are back. Rachel Green could be found in overalls quite often, and many are glad these are in style again, mainly because it gives fans more opportunities to dress like their favorite character!

Whether she was serving coffee at work, picking up Ross at the airport or hanging out at home, Rachel had at least a couple of different pairs that were seen on this series, which all looked so cute and which can be replicated here and now. 

8 Out: Ross’ Baggy Clothes

Ross was certainly no style icon, but that doesn’t mean his ensembles were horrible… usually. This photo is another that is definitely straight out of the 1990s, with the cut, design, and bagginess of these clothing items (on both characters, but let’s just focus on Mr. Geller for now).

Today, the slim-fit pants is what many guys turn to, and that would have made Ross look much more polished. Also, people used to always wear unbuttoned shirts over tees, but that is another trend that died years ago. 

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7 In: Monica’s Jeans

Monica Geller usually dressed in a sort of reserved and modest way, but this outfit looks like something off the streets in 2019! It is a classic ensemble, made up of two staple pieces: First, there is a fitted spaghetti-strap shirt, in a great cranberry color. This top is tucked into jeans, which have that popular “mom” fit that has made a comeback, for better or for worse.

The high waistline that is seen on these pants is seen all over these days, especially with a tight shirt or bodysuit paired with it. 

6 Out: Rachel’s Wedding Dress

At the beginning of this entire series, Rachel Green was introduced in this wedding dress. She had left Barry at the altar, thank goodness, she ran into these guys, and the rest was history.

Has anyone seen a more ‘90s-inspired wedding dress? The bodice actually does not look too bad, but the headpiece is the cherry on top and the thing that puts this look over the top and on the “out” list! This is one of the most iconic moments from Friends, and it would look entirely different in today’s time, with updated trends and styles. 

5 In: Phoebe’s Scrunchies

For really unique and eclectic looks, there was Phoebe Buffay. She had a very boho style, as she was seen in flowy dresses and lots of jewelry. She also liked out-there pieces, such as these fuzzy, pink hair accessories. ICYMI: Scrunchies are back and bigger than ever, people (though, many opt for just a toned-down one, instead of two that are this crazy)!

These versatile and comfortable ties can be worn with sporty looks to the gym, with casual looks to class or with even a more dressed-up look that is worn for a fun night out with friends. 

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4 Out: Gunther’s Wardrobe

One of the most well-known supporting characters on this show was Gunther. He was the manager of the Central Perk where this gang hung out all the time. Gunther may have not had a huge role in the overall story, but his wardrobe certainly stuck out… and not in a good way.

Were bright colors on top of bright colors like this ever “in”? While his clothes have been left far, far behind, one could say they were proud of how he wore whatever he wanted, no matter how vivid or clashing it may have been. 

3 In: Rachel’s Dress

Dresses that are worn over tees have come and gone in the fashion world, and many people are turning to this style again. Of course, Rachel did it first, back in the day, on Friends.

The outer layer is a simple black dress that has a deep v-neck and buttons down the front. Underneath that, she has a sheer-ish, dark, long-sleeve shirt. These two items could be worn separately, but together, it is a whole vibe, and it is one that is seen today, on the cover of magazines, all over social media and in the windows of stores. 

2 Out: Chandler’s & Joey’s Prints

For the most part, the guys dressed pretty normally and casually, so there is not too much to complain about, except for the vests, the over-sized items and the prints like these.

There are certain designs that have made a comeback and that are seen on, say, sweatshirts. In this image, though, there is a baggy sweater with some unappealing stripes on Mr. Tribbiani, and there is what looks like a bowling or golfing polo on Mr. Bing. These are not their best moments! 

1 In: Rachel’s Skirt

And, of course, there was Rachel’s plaid skirt. This may be the most-remembered outfit that was ever worn on this television series, and it makes sense that it was worn by this character; she was very into fashion and even worked in the industry, so her looks seemed to stand out from everyone else’s since she cared more about clothes and accessories.

While some may not like this school-girl vibe, a plaid pleated skirt is so cute… especially when paired with a fitted turtleneck and knee-length socks!

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