Friends: 10 Joey Memes That Are Too Hilarious For Words

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It’s been almost 3 decades since the sitcom Friends first premiered, and over a decade since the show bid us goodbye with its final episode in 2004. However, even after all these years, Friends remains one of the most adored and talked about TV shows in the history of television. The sitcom’s humor is still relevant in today's time, making it the second most-streamed show on Netflix last year.

What really makes Friends a hit are the 6 lead characters in the show. Each character is uniquely crafted and incredibly funny. However, Joey Tribbiani’s character definitely takes the cake! His love for food and women have helped give birth to some of the funniest gags and plotlines on the show, resulting in some hilarious memes. Here are 10 of the greatest Joey Tribbianni memes of all time.

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10 The One Where Joey Doesn’t Share His Food

You can compare Joey’s love for food with Romeo’s love for Juliet, or for Cersei’s love for her children in Game Of Thrones. In short, Joey Tribbiani and a pizza pie could go down in history as one of the greatest love stories in the world. There is simply no one else who loves food more than Joey.

This meme is a spin on the widely popular Sean Bean ‘one doesn’t simply’ meme and very accurately captures Joey’s frustration with sharing his food, which is made evident during many episodes through the show. It's simple, yet classic and too funny for words.

9 The One With The Moo Point

Joey may be one of the most caring and hilarious characters on the show, but when it came to knowledge of any kind, or even simple vocabulary, he often dwindles. For example, in one episode Joey explains the meaning of a ‘Moo Point.’

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A moo point in Joey’s perception refers to a cow’s opinion and hence isn’t important, it's moo. This entire scene draws humor from Joey misinterpreting the phrase ‘moot point.’ It results in one of Friend’s funniest dialogue exchanges, and the birth of this hilarious meme you can use on your friends the next time they make a moot point.

8 The One With The Xerox Girl And Jam

Throughout the 10 seasons of Friends, Joey is obsessed with both food and women. During the course of the show he is frequently asked if he prefers food to women or women to food. However, Joey’s favorite thing in the world remains a mystery as he is never able to choose between the two.

These meme showcases Chandler yet again asking Joey to pick between a hot woman or food. However, this time instead of getting confused Joey simply indicates he could enjoy both together, allowing for one of Friend’s funniest scenes to take place.

7 The One With The Diet

We’ve all been through it. We promise to eat healthily, keep it up for a few days, and then end up gobbling down a plate of chocolate cake on day 3. While the common folk like us may let this get us down and worry, Joey ‘isn’t even sorry.’

Joey’s pure satisfaction after eating cake in this meme is hilarious and helps us chuckle at our own diet slips that we are bound to make every now and then.

6 The One With The 30th Birthday

This meme comes from the famous 30th birthday episode from Friends, where each friend unhappily enters their 30s, none more unhappily than Joey Tribbiani. Joey not only takes his 30th birthday but also his best friend, Chandler’s 30th as a day of mourning.

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This meme is incredibly relatable to all us in our late 20s waiting for our 30th birthday. We might not be as passionate as Joey but we certainly worry about turning 30 too!

5 The One With The Bag Of Chips

Joey Tribbiani might not be the best with facial expressions when it comes to portraying Dr. Drake Ramoray on The Days Of Our Lives but his expression in this meme is priceless. The picture used in this meme comes from a Thanksgiving episode where after being locked out of the apartment by Monica, Joey steers his head inside the door and is left in awe looking at all the Thanksgiving food.

His expression clearly mirrors our reaction to a delicious packet of chips being open, or even a chocolate bar, or maybe a can of coke. You get the point.

4 The One With Balenciaga

This meme is a play on one of Joey’s funniest moments across the 10 seasons of Friends. In this scene, Joey puts on every article of clothing Chandler owns without underwear as revenge.

Even though back then we thought Joey looked completely ridiculous, his confidence and posture did mirror that of a model walking down a high fashion runway. Furthermore, an outfit this avant-garde is only likely to be seen at a fashion show designed by a big label like Balenciaga.

3 The One With Bruno Mars

When it comes to Joey’s amazing eating abilities, Monica should have known better than to question him in this Thanksgiving episode. This meme takes her dialogue ‘you can’t eat a whole turkey,’ from this episode and joins it with Bruno Mars’s renowned lyrics ‘don’t believe me just watch.’

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Joey engulfs the entire turkey with Bruno like swagger and still goes on to ask for dessert in typical Joey fashion later on in the episode.

2 The One With The Crush

This meme is a play on a scene from Friends where Joey is trying to convince himself he is not in love with his pregnant friend until he sees her and completely loses his chain of thought, just like any lovestruck fool would.

Hence, his expressions in this scene make for a perfect meme dealing with feelings of crushes and love.

1 The One With How You Doin

Joey Tribbiani’s catchphrase in Friends is perhaps going to go down in history as the most popular catchphrase ever used on a TV show. One warm smile, a nod, and a simple ‘How You Doin,’ and he would have any girl he wanted.

This meme takes his famous catchphrase and shows a lonely Joey pouting in bed, reminding us of all the times we get lonely, but still making us smile with this iconic reference, in true meme fashion.

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