Friends: 5 Worst Things Joey Did To Chandler (& 5 Chandler Did To Joey)

Joey and Chandler are great roommates on Friends, but even though they're best buds, it doesn't mean they haven't done terrible things to each other.

On Friends, Joey (Matt LeBlanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) aren't just roommates, they're best buds. Their bromance is one that many can only hope to aspire to. Even though Joey's a laidback ladies man, and Chandler's a neurotic mess, these two have a lot in common. They enjoy kicking back in their matching recliners to watch Baywatch, playing spirited games of foosball, catching a Knicks game, or just debating the important things in life like the location of Cap'n Crunch's eyebrows.

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Just because Joey and Chandler are "bromates" doesn't mean they always get along. The causes of strife between these besties range from women to ill-timed naps. Here are five of Joey's friendship fails and five of Chandler's.

10 Joey: Fixes Chandler Up With Janice

Before Monica (Courteney Cox), Chandler's longest relationship is with the very nasally and even more obnoxious Janice (Maggie Wheeler). Throughout the entire series, Janice shows up at inopportune times. During season 1, after two breakups Chandler finds himself free of Janice until Joey inadvertently sets the two up on a blind date. Janice's friend is Joey's date, and that means Chandler has to be a good wingman.

If Joey has one flaw as a friend, it's letting his libido take precedence over his friendships at times. Joey doesn't force Chandler to sleep with Janice, but he is responsible for conjuring up the perfect storm (opportunity, booze, and bad judgment) that is a Chandler-Janice hookup.

9 Chandler: Makes Fun Of Joey's Gift

After many bad plays, bad reviews and a public service campaign that makes him the face of VD, Joey finally gets a big break during season 2 playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives. Joey gifts Chandler with a gold bracelet to thank him for all his support. It's a sweet gesture, but Chandler isn't a fan of the man jewelry. Instead of just telling Joey the bracelet isn't his style, Chandler makes fun of it behind Joey's back who catches him in the act. Chandler's sarcastic humor is usually entertaining, but when it comes to Joey's gift from the heart, Chandler should just suck it up.

8 Joey: Decides To Move Out

From the beginning, Chandler and Joey's friendship overshadows their living arrangements. They're not roommates because they have to be but because they want to be. So when Joey lands his soap opera gig, Chandler's surprised to learn Joey wants to venture out on his own. Yes, Joey licks spoons and puts them back in the drawer without washing them. Yes, Joey shares Chandler's toothbrush without telling him, but these are small prices to pay for living with his best friend.

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Chandler's feelings are understandably hurt that Joey treats their situation as so transactional. Joey's not trying to be intentionally mean, but he doesn't handle the situation with very much sensitivity, but Joey's cluelessness often makes him impervious to societal cues.

7 Chandler: Sleeps With Joey's Sister

Still reeling from his latest breakup with Janice during season 3, Chandler cuts loose with a lot of Jell-O shots at Joey's birthday party. Also in attendance are all seven of Joey's sisters one of whom Chandler hooks up with but can't remember anything about her after, not even her name.

Most of the disagreements that go down between Chandler and Joey have to do with Chandler being too honest or not honest enough. Joey's the toughest of the three guys, but he's also the one who is arguably the least likely to do something crappy to a friend When Joey does get upset with Chandler, it's because of Chandler's horrible communication skills.

6 Joey: Buys A Chick

Joey has the best intentions when it comes to giving Chandler gifts. When Joey sees a news report cautioning viewers to think twice before buying chicks for Easter, Joey fails to sense the tone and brings home a little fuzzy bundle of joy.

Since both Joey and Chandler aren't big on commitment, and neither know anything about raising barnyard fowl, this puts a strain on their relationship. It's indicative of their relationship for Joey to act without thinking and for Chandler to suffer the consequences.

5 Chandler: Kisses Joey's Girlfriend

Chandler finds himself in new territory when he falls hard for Kathy (Paget Brewster), a woman Joey's seeing. A lovesick Chandler tries to be a true blue friend, but when he discovers Kathy feels the same, the two share a few smooches. If only Chandler had come clean about his feelings before crossing that line, he could have avoided hurting his best friend.

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The entire gang agrees Joey's the type of guy who would gladly step aside if he knew Chandler's affections for Kathy ran deeper than his own. Once Chandler reveals the truth, it's possibly the only time Chandler can't and doesn't use sarcasm to lighten the mood, sensing he's overstepped too much to joke his way out of it.

4 Joey: Gets Chandler In Trouble At Work


After Dr. Drake Ramoray falls down an elevator shaft, Joey finds himself short on cash, so Chandler gets him a job at his company. Joey adopts the character of "Joseph the processor" who has a fictional wife, kids and a boat. What Joseph also has is a tendency to get Chandler in trouble with the big boss.

Joey's a terrible actor, so it's amazing how method he goes just to punch numbers into a computer. Joey isn't able to differentiate between his character and his actual personality or how his actions adversely affect Chandler. It's ironic Joey is so unconvincing in the spotlight but entirely believable faking his way through reality.

3 Chandler: Falls Asleep At Joey's Movie Premiere

When Joey gets his first big studio movie during season 8, all of his friends are eager to attend the premiere, but Joey gives his only extra ticket to Chandler. Joey likely regrets not bringing Monica in her dress with the plunging neckline when Chandler falls asleep during the movie. Joey's both hurt and indignant.

Joey's attempt to pay back Chandler for his support blows up in his face, and Chandler can't manage to make it through Joey's big night without a nap. Chandler should have upped his espresso intake at Central Perk, but he doesn't fall asleep on purpose. Sadly, his actions are more indicative of the quality of the movie and Joey's performance more than actual fatigue.

2 Joey: Invites A Thief Into The Apartment


When Joey refuses to give away the gigantic entertainment center Joey built with his own two hands, the two agree to sell the monstrosity. Joey's so proud of his fine Italian craftmanship, he offers to shut himself inside a cabinet, enabling a prospective buyer to lock him in and steal all of Joey and Chandler's stuff. What's worse, Chandler is still stuck with the one piece of furniture he hates.

Joey's so well-meaning, it's tough to hold his lack of intelligence against him, but even Chandler has his limits. Joey's a good sport when it comes to Chandler's constant put-downs, and another good thing about Joey is he knows when he messes up. Chandler forgives, but it's hard to forget when he's sitting on lawn furniture.

1 Chandler: Is Doubtful Of Joey's Big Break

Out of all the friends, Chandler is the one who is the most supportive of Joey's career. This doesn't mean Chandler doesn't have doubts when it comes to the projects Joey chooses. When Joey scores the lead in an independent movie, he's certain it's finally his big break. Sadly, Chandler doesn't agree. All signs point to Chandler being right, but Joey's inevitable letdown doesn't need to be compounded with the realization that his best friend isn't entirely on board. When Joey comes to Chandler looking for reassurance, it's best if Chandler fakes it until he makes it.

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