Friends: 20 Glaring Plots Holes Fans Can’t Unsee

"So no one told you life was going to be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA." To make matters worse your favorite TV show Friends has a million plot holes. As matter of fact, it has more plot holes than a Joey Tribbiani movie. The sitcom Friends quickly became one of the most popular shows on TV during its time and is still very popular today. Regardless, the beloved series isn't without its flaws.

Friends aired for ten seasons, from 1994 to 2004 and it was constantly praised by critics. In fact, the cast became some of the biggest stars in the world, influencing their fans who looked up to them. How, you might ask? Well, one example is the Rachel haircut that made waves with dedicated fans during her time on the show. Additionally, Friends was often at the top of the list when it came to ratings. It also has one of the most loyal fan bases, since fans are always boasting about how often they rewatch the show.

Considering that, it is no surprise that fans have been able to point out, over and over, the plot holes that reside in the show. There are a glaring number of them, probably more than what is even on this list, but we are going to point out the top 20 for our readers. Some of them are plot holes that should have been easy to catch as a writer of the show, but others are so minuscule, that we can't necessarily blame the writers or showrunners for missing these mistakes.

Here are 20 Plot Holes Fans Can't Unsee In Friends.

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Ross Geller has been married three times and had two kids, but by the end of the series it seemed like he only had one. Early in the series, Ross's ex-wife gives birth to his son Ben, who ended up serving as a useful plot point for many of Ross' storylines throughout the first few seasons. Later, when Ross has his daughter, Emma, with Rachel, viewers suspected that they would become a small, happy family.

However, that does not come to pass, and Ben suddenly disappears from the show. In fact, he missed out on some of the biggest moments of his father's life. For instance, Ben didn't go to Ross and Emily's wedding in England and never met his little sister. There's no mention of his name at all in the last few seasons.


In season two, Monica's handsome boyfriend Richard impresses Chandler and Joey. They think he's just the coolest guy ever. In fact, they want to be just like him. Richard even teaches Chandler how to slip money to a waiter. Chandler practices the skill and gets pretty good at it. As the show progresses, Monica drops Richard, and instead starts dating Chandler, who ends up being very jealous of her past boyfriend.

In season seven, Monica tries to convince Chandler to slip money to the waiter at a restaurant they are trying to eat at. However, Chandler claims he doesn't know how to, and gets annoyed when Monica brings up Richard, who would have already gotten them a table by then. Chandler is rightfully agitated, but seems to have forgotten that Richard had already taught him that particular skill.


Monica and Rachel's apartment is one of the key locations in the show. When the gang isn't in the mood for coffee they can be found there or across the hall. However, there's one big plot hole when it comes to the apartment.

The apartment numbers seem to change on their own. In season one, the girls live at apartment number one and the guys live across the hall at two. Later, it changed to number 5. The writers soon realized that would be impossible considering the floor they live on. After season two, the room numbers changed to apartment 19 and 20. The writers had the right intention to deal with the plot hole, but it is a small but important thing that fans can't get over.


Ross Geller has a hard time staying consistent, and that is only one of his many problems. In season seven, while Chandler is admitting that he hates puppies, he tries to get the spotlight off himself and points the finger at Ross for hating ice cream. Ross defends himself by saying, "it's too cold."

However, Ross has eaten ice cream on two separate occasions in the show. He once enjoyed an ice cream cone with his pet monkey, Marcel. In a later season, Ross enjoys ice cream in the park with his girlfriend Elizabeth. It may not mess up the entire plot of the show, but it is still an inconsistency that did not go unnoticed.


Joey's sisters Friends

Joey Tribbiani comes from a very large family. In fact, his family's so big that he can't even remember how many sisters he has. In season three, the gang throws a huge birthday party for Joey. All of his sisters come, and Chandler thinks that he is just seeing seven of the same person, rather than all of Joey's seven sisters.

However, in season one, Joey talks about his mother giving birth to seven kids, so that means that seven would include him. On the other hand, Joey has never been too good with numbers, so it would be believable that he miscounted the number of siblings he has. Still, we're putting this one in the plot hole category rather than classifying it as a mere coincidence.


Bruce Willis as Paul Stevens in Friends

The gang would sometimes reference well-known celebs. On a few occasions, these same celebs appeared on the show as different characters. However, they never acknowledge the celeb. For instance, Ross, Joey, and Chandler are huge Die Hard fans. The famous action movie stars the legendary Bruce Willis.

In season six, Bruce Willis guest starred as Paul Stevens, which, considering what their favorite movie is, really does create a massive plot hole. The guys never recognize that Stevens is Bruce Willis. Obviously, Willis is playing a character, which is why the showrunners likely didn't think twice about casting him. However, considering Bruce Willis is the star of their favorite movie, it is a little strange to have him on the show as a regular guy.


Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani in Friends

Joey Tribbiani isn't the brightest person in the world, but he is great with women and not a bad actor. However, he has a tough time with spelling, math, and Adam's Apples. In season two, Joey tells a story about meeting a woman who was a great kisser. The only problem was that her Adam's Apple was huge. The rest of the gang tries to explain to him that women don't have Adam's Apples, which means that he was kissing a boy.

In season seven, Joey has forgotten everything he knows about Adam's Apples. In fact, he thinks they are named after each individual person. He complains to Chandler that his tie is too tight around his Joey's Apple. It's unclear if he forgot or just continued to be confused about Adam's Apples in general.


Carol Susan Ross Ben barbie doll Friends

Ross and Rachel's love story was the core of the series. Their on-again and off-again love story played a central part in the show's success. In fact, they're one of the most famous television couples of all time. In season one, Ross claims that he had only been with his ex-wife Carol and no other woman. He maintains that story while dating Rachel.

In season seven, however, Ross contradicts that story when arguing with Chandler. According to Chandler, Ross got very close with a college cleaning lady and Ross doesn't deny it. That was before he married Carol and reconnected with Rachel. That seems like an important moment that most people would remember, but maybe Ross just didn't want to be reminded of it.


Friends Monica wedding

Monica and Chandler's engagement had fans in tears all over the world. However, the chain of events that led to the proposal all started with a forgotten wedding location. In season six, Monica finds the perfect wedding venue at a museum. There's just the small issue of Chandler not having proposed to her yet, but she decides to put her name on the wedding list anyhow.

Chandler pretends to flip out when he finds out about the venue, but he had actually set it up with Phoebe to make Monica think he was not going to propose to her. When he does, their engagement lasts for a while before they get married in season seven. Remember the museum that was perfect for the wedding? Neither did Monica and Chandler. The venue is never mentioned again and they marry at a different location.


The first time Chandler told Monica he loved her it was unforgettable for fans, but apparently, it wasn't so special for Monica, as she did forget his first declaration. To be fair, the second time was much more meaningful. In "The One With All The Thanksgivings", Chandler tells Monica he loves her for the first time. She was dancing with a turkey on her head so she knew he really meant it.

In "The One Where Everyone Finds Out", Chandler profess his love for Monica in front of everyone. Monica's surprised and touched to hear him say that he loves her, despite the fact that he has already admitted it once before. Perhaps she is surprised that he said it in front of everyone, but regardless, fans can only see it as yet another plot hole in the show.


Joey's place is nothing like Monica's across the hall. He does not enforce any strict rules, nor does he clean the apartment as well as Monica does. The plot hole, however, lies with his apparent magical fridge.

Joey's fridge appears to open in both directions. In one episode, Rachel opens the freezer door and fans cannot see the inside of it. However, in a later episode, Joey's fridge breaks and he tries to get money for it. He opens the fridge and the doors go in the opposite direction. In this instance, fans can see the inside of his fridge. It is likely that many people did not notice this small inconsistency, but some hardcore fans caught it right away.


Monica's place was one of the many cool hangout spots for the gang. They were all so close that they just came and went as they pleased. As a matter of fact, nobody ever knocked, the door was always unlocked, and people seemed to just walk in whenever they pleased. Although, it does seem the lock had a mind of its own.

In season one, Monica stressfully prepares her first Thanksgiving dinner. At one point, they all end up locked out of the apartment, because Monica and Rachel were unclear about who was supposed to take the keys to the apartment with them. For the first and only time in the series, the door locks on its own. This never happens again in the show. In fact, the door never locks again.


In "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry", there's a huge plot hole that is hard to miss. As a matter of fact, it's in the title. In the episode, Chandler is unable to cry and the gang tries everything they can to make him weep. It's a bit odd that nobody seems to remember Chandler crying countless times before that episode.

In fact, he's one of the most emotional characters in the show. He cried a number of times in front of the gang. In season three, Phoebe pointed out the fact that she once made Chandler cry, and quite frankly he sobbed his heart out. It is a little surprising that no one ever noticed that plot hole, especially since Chandler has always been a fairly dramatic and emotional character.


Phoebe Buffay is certainly one of the most mysterious characters in the show. Her childhood was vastly different than the rest of the gang; she grew up on the streets, which meant that she often had to educate herself. In season ten, she teaches Joey how to speak French for an upcoming audition, because she is fluent in the language.

However, earlier in the series it appears she doesn't know some really basic words in French. In season eight, Phoebe dates Monica's Sous-Chef, but despite speaking French she doesn't know what "Sous" means. It appears her French isn't as good as she thinks. While it may be that she took secret classes after that episode, we're pretty sure it's just a plot hole.


Friends revolved around the lives of six 20-something friends living in New York, and apparently, life was so difficult for them that they couldn't even keep track of their ages. In season one, Joey's the youngest of the group at 25 years old. However, in season seven, Rachel is the last one to turn 30, as in the episode, the viewers get to see all the other birthday celebrations through flashbacks.

It seems that the writers had a lot of trouble keeping track of how old the characters were, and had no problem with those inconsistencies. As for Ross, well he spends three Christmases at exactly the same age! Apparently, Ross doesn't age at all since he's 29 in seasons three, four, and five.


Friends Birthdays

Not only do they have a difficult time remembering their age, but they seem to have trouble remembering their birthdays as well. In fact, that might explain why they don't know how old they are. In season seven, Rachel states she's an Aquarius, which puts her birthday in late January or early February. However, in season four, she states otherwise when she tells Gunther that her birthday is in May.

Rachel is not the only one having trouble with remembering their birthday. In the same episode, Ross tells Gunther that his birthday is in December, but in season nine, Ross tells Joey his birthday is October 19. We know it can be hard for writers to remember everything that happens over ten seasons, but birthdays should not be a fact that is so easily forgotten.


The gang sometimes seems to suffer from memory loss. Particularly, Chandler seems to have a hard time remembering his younger days. In "The One With The Prom Video", the gang sits down to watch an old VHS tape. The video features Rachel and Monica getting ready for their high school prom. In her youth,  Monica was overweight, which became a running joke.

When watching the video, Chandler's surprised by her weight and then mocks her. However, this makes little sense. Flashbacks revealed that Chandler met Monica when they were younger, more than once, and he mocked her weight then too. Thus, he would have been fully aware of the way she would have looked back then.


In one of the most heartbreaking moments in the series, Rachel moves out of Monica's apartment in season six. They were roommates from the beginning so it was a big change. Chandler moves in with Monica and Rachel finds a new home. In season eight, Joey lies about a gas leak and has Monica's door knocked down, and later, a new door is installed with new locks.

This causes a minor plot hole that fans noticed immediately. In season ten, Chandler and Monica lock the other four out, so, Rachel gets her old key and unlocks the door. This creates quite the plot hole since Rachel's old key shouldn't work on the new door. While it is certainly possible that Monica might have given her a new key, since it wasn't shown on screen, it's a very small but noticeable plot hole.


This plot hole is one of the biggest mistakes in the series. There isn't a fan who missed this one. In the season five finale, Ross and Rachel get married in Las Vegas. In the episode, Ross and Rachel prank each other but Ross goes too far. He draws on her face using permanent ink and it won't wash off. They become intoxicated and she draws on his face, in part to get back of him, but also, at that point, she just thinks it is funny.

Considering the state they are in, they think it would be hilarious for them to get married that same night. The next morning they don't remember the night before or the ink that disappeared from their face. The season 6 premiere makes no mention of the ink at all. The permanent ink just disappears from their faces and the plot.


In the very first episode of the series, Rachel runs out on her wedding and ends up at Central Perk in the search for her old high school friend Monica. It's then that she meets Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe for the first time. There's only one problem: she first met Chandler years ago.

In later seasons, flashbacks reveal that Chandler met both Monica and Rachel in their high school and college days, as he has been good friends with Ross since college. He attended several Thanksgivings when the girls were in high school. In fact, Chandler even kissed Rachel once at a college party. Regardless, it seems that they don't know each other in the first episode. This is a major plot hole that is difficult to overlook. It seems as though the whole gang suffers from some serious amnesia.


Did you noticed any other plot holes in Friends? Let us know in the comments!

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