Friends: 10 Funniest Ross Episodes

Ross Gellar is easily the most underrated Friends character. People consider him to be either rather annoying, or without a distinct feature like someone like Phoebe or Joey might have; however, Ross actually possesses the funniest moments on the show.

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There are certain episodes that are Ross-centric, and these are the most hilarious ones you’ll find on Friends. More often than not, Ross finds himself in embarrassing situations, ones that might be humiliating for him, but offer us hours of endless laughter. Now, go back and watch these 10 funniest Ross episodes on Friends.

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10 The One With All The Resolutions - Season 5


Ross is generally the friend who realizes how dim Joey is, but when he gets desperate, Ross always goes to Joey for advice. We saw it here in its best form when Ross got stuck in his own leather pants when he couldn’t pull them back up.

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Taking Joey’s ridiculous advice, Ross attempted to lather lotion around his legs to lubricate the pants back up, but ended up making a paste due to the combination of powder and lotion. The kicker was that poor Ross had gotten the leather pants as part of a New Year's resolution to do something different everyday - getting kicked out of your date’s apartment with no pants and paste on your legs counts, maybe?

9 The One With Ross's Sandwich - Season 5


Don’t you just hate it when you’re going through a divorce and your boss eats your sandwich? We’ll tell you how not to react by pointing out how Ross went insane when the same happened to him.

Here, Ross’s fury knew no bounds, and he exploded in rage shouting “My Sandwich!?” repeatedly at his boss. That wasn’t the only rage induced moment of the episode either, as Ross would then be tranquilized and act like a complete goof for the rest of the episode. He got suspended from work, but at least he definitely didn’t care about his sandwich anymore.

8 The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey - Season 5

Ross displayed being cheap quite a lot during the show, such as when he didn’t want to share his 50 cents with Phoebe for lottery prize money, or when he took everything from a hotel room because it was built in the price of the room. However, we’re going to have to side with him on this one.

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Despite having just moved in, Ross was singled out for not paying 100 bucks for a departing handyman - or as Ross called him “Just man”. The episode had Ross in a failed attempt in gaining the favor of the rest of the tenants, and ended with him being caught in the act for eating the handyman’s cake, making a sad (actually hilarious) attempt at hiding the fact as well.

7 The One With Unagi - Season 6


Ross is almost always right in stuff that concerns trivia, but in this instance he looked like a complete moron when he thought Unagi was a state of total awareness. Ross would then try to prove it by claiming he had Unagi while Phoebe and Rachel didn’t.

But we all knew Ross was always a scaredy cat, as Phoebe and Rachel would ambush him at his house, causing Ross to scream like a little girl. They would do one better when they caught him trying to return the favor, only beat him into submission. The end credits scene was the funniest of all, where Ross ended up being attacked by a couple of women he thought were Phoebe and Rachel - looks like Unagi wasn’t flowing through Dr. Gellar as good as he thought it was.

6 The One With The Cop - Season 5


The number 298 is one every Friends fans knows intimately, and we won’t elaborate on that because when you know, you know. Ross mentioned this number during the scene where he purchased a new couch, wanting the phrase “come here to me” to sound both friendly and seductive.

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The legendary scene this episode is known for was when Ross had Chandler and Rachel navigate the couch on the staircase, shouting “Pivot!” at the top of his lungs. Not only did the couch not “Pivot”, it got stuck, forcing Ross to cut it in half and claim to the store they had it delivered to him that way. Ol’ Cheapo Ross resurfaced when he took $4 store credit in compensation.

5 The One With The Memorial Service - Season 9

Ross’s mom gave him an overinflated sense of importance, one where he now needed validation that everyone saw him as special. So, he ended up having a memorial service for himself after a feud with Chandler went awry, where Chandler had their college alumni thinking Ross died after getting hit by a blimp.

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The comedic aspect had arrived earlier with Ross and Chandler trading shots, with the former editing pictures of Chandler to make it appear as if he was out and proud, before the hilarity moved over to Ross eavesdropping on potential people arriving to pay their respects after his supposed death. Unfortunately, only “party boys for Chandler” turned up.

4 The One Where Ross Is Fine - Season 10


David Schwimmer is a master at comedic timing where physicality is involved, and you won’t find any better than this episode, where Ross was inebriated throughout and acted as if he was in denial about the world ending.

Ross would obsess over fajitas; pick up an extremely hot plate without oven mitts and laugh about it; and then take off his pants and dance for Joey. The whole episode is dedicated to Ross acting insane, and the punchline is how he’s “fine” through the ordeal. If that’s what being fine looks like, then imagine the horror if Ross wasn’t fine.

3 The One With All The Rugby - Season 4

It’s a shame we never got to see Red Ross in the flesh, because by all accounts he sounds awesome. Here, Red Ross appeared very briefly when he went in for the kill in a match of Rugby. Earlier on, “Dead” Ross had gotten pounded for attempting to impress Emily by playing Rugby with a bunch of Brits.

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He would have trouble getting into a huddle in the first place, ending up dangling by his legs and calling out to Joey for help. After half-time, Ross would claim he thought he was dying and for Phoebe to tell his son he loves him.

2 The One With Ross's Tan - Season 10


Always count “Mississippi-lessly”, children, unless you want to end up looking like you got a tan from the sun. Ross found this out the hard way when he got spray tanned multiple times the same side as he made a very big error in counting.

By the conclusion of the episode, Ross looked like a circus freak, with the front half of his body being a different skin tone from his back. The funniest thing is the part we didn’t get to see; and that is the fact that Ross hauled himself in public looking the way he did for everyone to witness.

1 The One With The Routine - Season 6

Ross and Monica are sibling goals because of their very close relationship; they’re also both losers in personality. In this episode, Ross convinced Monica to go with their former routine, which was something you use in your application for the Loser Academy for Nerds, as they “stole” the stage.

Still, it was both hilarious and impressive to see these two siblings own the scene, and their antics even before the dance are such we want to see again and again. The best bit was when Ross thought he’d done a bang on good job at the dance, and kept getting into the face of the director as if he was going to be cast in the Step Up film series.

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