Netflix's Friends From College Trailer #2 Faces Life at 40

A new trailer has arrived for Netflix's Friends From College. One underrated aspect of Netflix’s success with original series is that a lot of the more popular ones debut with largely unknown casts. The young casts of both 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things were almost entirely unknown prior to those shows’ debuts. The same is true of Orange is the New Black before that show started.

House of Cards was an exception, as was The Santa Clarita Diet, and now we have Friends From College, an upcoming Netflix original series whose cast consists mostly of known names, such as Fred Savage, Keegan-Michael Key and Cobie Smulders. Bigger stars like Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner, and Kate McKinnon are on board as guest stars, while the co-creator, Nicolas Stoller, has directed films from Forgetting Sarah Marshall to Neighbors. And now, we have another look at Friends From College.

A new trailer was released for the upcoming Netflix series, giving us a more expanded look at the upcoming comedy. The series follows a group of friends who come to terms with turning 40, as well as their various complicated and contentious interpersonal relationships.

Whereas the first Friends From College trailer only depicted one scene, the new one is more expansive, while also laying out the show’s premise in more detail: Key and Smulders appear to be a couple, having just moved to New York City, which puts them in proximity with their friend group from college, which includes Savage, Annie Parisse and Nat Faxon. There are long-held grievances and affairs. Eichner, it appears, is playing Savage’s boyfriend, and uncharacteristically points out the loudness of other characters. There’s even a cameo by famed tennis commentator Mary Carillo.

This series looks quite promising, and something very different for Netflix. That’s a highly talented cast, led by Key - who has been great in all sorts of things over the last few years - and Savage, who showed in his return to acting on the late Fox sitcom The Grinder a couple of years ago that he’s still got it. The premise, with that large ensemble cast from the eight-episode series, also has a lot of potential.

That being said, Netflix has begun canceling more original series, such as The Get Down and Sense8, after not doing so for a long time, so Friends From College will likely have a shorter leash than it might have been, a couple of years ago.

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Friends From College season one hits Netflix on July 14.

Source: Netflix

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