• Friends: 10 Quotes About Friendship That Will Give You All The Feels

    The 1990s and early 2000s sitcom Friends has gone down in history as one of the best ensemble sitcoms of all time. Of course, it was about friendship, following the lives of six people in their twenties living in New York.

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    As they tried to find themselves, including where they wanted to head in their careers, in love, and in life in general, they were always there for one another through thick and thin. It’s enough to make any group of friends want to share a big group hug. Here are 10 quotes from the series that will give you all the feels.

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    “A promise between friends means never having to give a reason.”

    Isn’t that the truth? You’ve probably, at one time or another, had a best friend ask you to keep something a secret, without any rhyme or reason why. You trust them and are happy to oblige because, well, that’s what friends are for.

    In the series, Phoebe speaks these words to Joey when he’s having a hard time with something. While you wouldn’t often think of such prophetic words coming out of the quirky and eccentric woman’s mouth, she recognizes when her friends need her, and knows the right thing to say.

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    “You're not alone. We don't know where we're going! You just gotta figure at some point it’s all gonna come together.”
    Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow as Monica, Rachel and Phoebe in Friends

    Camaraderie is important, and that means showing your friends that they aren’t alone in whatever they’re going through. Either you guys are going through the same thing, or you promise to be there for one another no matter what unique plight you face.

    This quote might have been delivered with a harsh dose of reality by Monica, speaking to Rachel when she was feeling dejected about not having a life plan. Monica’s intention was to cheer her up, and while it might not have made her feel better about her life, at least she knew she was not alone.

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    "Boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but this is for life.”
    Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc as Phoebe and Joey in Friends

    Everyone has had that friend, or maybe even been that friend, who gets a girlfriend or boyfriend and disappears off the face of the earth. Until they break up, that is, and they come back crying. A good friend, of course, is always there. But it doesn’t hurt to remind them that, regardless of who they date, nor how good the relationship is, through the good and the bad, friends will always be there for you.

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    Again, these words that give you all the feels were spoken by Phoebe to Joey after he stood her up because he got a last-minute date. Tsk tsk, Joey. Mates always come before dates.

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    “I stepped up! She’s my friend and she needed help. And if I have to, I’d pee on any one of you!”

    Proudly spoken by Joey after he saved Monica from a jellyfish sting, it’s silly but touching at the same time because, well, urinating on the site of the sting actually does help.

    Even when not taken literally, the point is that Monica was in a lot of pain (granted it was physical pain) and Joey was there to help. Thankfully he knew this useful fact from having watched the Discovery Channel.

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    "I guess they weren’t as good friends as we are.”

    When discussing how Monica and Chandler managed to pursue a romantic relationship, and eventually get married, Rachel asked the question, “I wonder how Monica and Chandler could do it?” Joey replied with the above quote.

    It’s a touching one for any pair of friends who have ever felt that they might have had feelings for one another, but then realized that the friendship was far more important, and far more powerful a relationship than a courtship ever could be.

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    “It’s okay. Sometimes things don’t work out the way you thought they would.”

    A terribly sad moment on the series, Ross consoled Rachel after her break-up with Joshua, which only happened because she pushed for marriage (after four dates!) out of jealousy because Ross was about to marry Emily.

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    Okay, so this scenario might not exactly be common among friends. But the sentiment is, having a friend console you after a break-up as you come to the realization that life never really works out the way you plan, or sometimes even want.

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    “Why do bad things happen to good people!?”

    While it sounds like this statement might have been referencing something pretty serious, it wasn’t. Ross was simply upset that yet another bottle of shampoo had exploded in his suitcase, followed by moisturizer (it's sooo hard to get out!)

    Interestingly, the whole time he was freaking out, Rachel was trying to tell him about her kiss with Joey. It will give you all the feels when you think back to any time you tried to have an awkward conversation with a friend and something just kept getting in the way of you spitting out the difficult words.

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    “It’s not what you said. It’s the way you said it.”

    Spoken by Joey after Chandler says he’s “turning into a woman” when he witnesses him getting into arts and crafts with Monica, Joey feels his friend is being mean to him, something we can all relate to.

    It’s a funny moment as Joey is caught arranging flowers and discussing making a bird feeder with Monica. Such a comment probably would never fly today. It may show how some of the show's attitudes and jokes have become a little dated. Nonetheless, we’ve all taken a ribbing now and then from friends. And when such conversations happen, it makes us feel good to know that the relationship is strong enough to take it.

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    “I’m hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!”
    Friends Chandler Dumb Things

    The statement itself isn’t about friendship, per se, but its brutal honesty makes it words that could only ever be spoken to a true friend.

    Who hasn’t had a conversation with a friend who felt down in the dumps in the love department, whether it was right after a failed relationship (or a string of them), or not finding someone worth having a relationship with for some time? Ever the sarcastic, it’s Chandler who speaks these words during his time as a single man.

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    “You can’t just give up! Is that what a dinosaur would do?”

    Not surprisingly, it’s Joey who speaks these super-cute words that don’t really make much sense. But since Joey once filled out an application for Ross listing “dinosaurs” as his occupation, it’s clear that’s the extent he understands of what Ross actually does.

    Ross is a paleontologist, a scientist who studies fossils. So, yes, dinosaurs are involved, but Ross’ job is a bit more complex than that. Nonetheless, Joey’s words are hilarious and will make you think back to any time a good friend said something totally silly that made you laugh when you were feeling down, or were facing a big dilemma.

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