Friends Finale: Validating why I dumped this show

Ok, it was a bit funny and slightly touching, and they wrapped it up well by tying up loose ends.


The reason I stopped watching Friends was the way Ross' and Rachel's becoming parents was handled. The baby became less than an accessory... unimportant... secondary. Anyone who has had children knows that once they are born your entire life (assuming you're a decent parent/person) revolves around caring for that child.

Tonight's finale cemented that point of view. I was incapable of being affected by the whole Ross/Rachel situation because as I sat there I kept wondering: "What about their child?".

Was Ross torn up over the loss of yet another child? Did he care that the child would be 3,000 miles away and raised by Rachel and (I presume) another man? Did Rachel care that she was taking her child away from the father? In a word: No.

All Ross did was pine over Rachel like some lovesick teenager. Rachel is spending the night with Ross, getting on a plane, reuniting with him, and the child is no where in sight (or apparently, in mind).

It's really disgusting and I'm glad I stopped watching this show a couple of years ago.

At least the Chandler/Monica relationship was handled better from the marriage/children angle. It was obvious that their babies would be the center of their lives.

Yes, it will be weird knowing the show isn't on any more, even if I didn't watch it... but I'm glad it's off the air.

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