Friends: A Quote From Each Character That Sums Up Their Personality

Friends is still one of our all-time favorite sitcoms, and we most definitely have our favorite (and least favorite) characters. We'll all pretty well-reversed in all things Joey, Rachel, Ross, and the rest of the gang, right? We also all have our favorite quotes and sayings, but have you ever wondered which quotes are best in-keeping with their character?

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Well, we were, so we made a list of all of the main characters and one quote that sums up their personality. If someone ever asks you which character is your fav, all you have to do is drop one of these lines, and they will definitely catch your drift.

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10 Ross Geller

"I have sex with dinosaurs? Not only is it not funny, but it is physically impossible. Depending on the species, I would have to have a six-foot long..."

It was hard to find one for Ross that encapsulated everything we loved about him. However, this one has some dinosaurs, some rage, some know-it-all, and some humor. Ross is actually underrated as being hilarious, and it's pretty clear he's the most intelligent. We wish this quote also encompassed his kind heart, but it'll have to do.

9 Judy Geller

"I'm fine, fine. I'm glad you're here. What's with your hair?"

The denial, kindness, and gut-shot insults, can we say Judy? Of course, this quote is directed at Monica. We could have just as easily used one about Ross, but we think this side of Judy is more prevalent. She's kind and puts her kids first, but boy she tells it like it is. Judy is always set to give us a laugh, or at least an eye-roll.

8 Phoebe Buffay

"I’m a pacifist, but when the revolution comes, I’ll destroy all of you."

Phoebe is the sweetest soul, but she's also the friend we definitely don't want to mess with.

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What better way to sum her up than this quote, right? She sure is a pacifist, and she cares deeply about her friends, life, and the world, but she's also tough as nails. We love this dichotomy, and we love Phoebe immensely for it.

7 Mike Hannigan

"Oh, by the way, I'm awesome."

What a better way to sum up this lovable and hilarious character? We love Mike's sense of self, his spirit, and his humorous wit. He tells it like it is, but he's still so compassionate and caring. We all love Mike, and regardless what you thought of David, you're happy he ended up with Phoebe. You are pretty awesome, Mike, and we couldn't think of a better quote to sum you up.

6 Joey Tribbiani

"Food. Sex. Food. Sex. I don't know! Oh, god, I want both!"

Sure, there's a lot more behind Joey's womanizer and foodie personality, but let's be honest, it's a really large portion of who he is. He's also pretty indecisive and not the sharpest tool in the shed, so we like this internal (and external) debate he's got going on over his favorite things. We love that Joey finds all the best parts of life, and hey, he also has a massive heart that makes him one of the best friends on this series. We also want to give a little shout out to "how you doin'?", but that was almost a bit too obvious. But we're good, Joey, so good.

5 Gunther

"I used to be Brice on All My Children."

Oh, Gunther, how we love to feel pity for you while absolutely adoring your sarcasm and wit. Although this quote is 100% serious, it pretty much sums up Gunther's place in life, his pessimistic outlook, and his pretty blunt persona. We almost picked one about Rachel, but you know what? Gunther deserves to be recognized for more than that.

4 Monica Geller

"Welcome to the real world; it sucks. You're gonna love it."

Pretty much everything that leaves Monica's mouth is so easy to tell that it did, in fact, come from her. From "I know I know I know!" to "I'm always the hostess" to "if I'm harsh with you, it's because you're doing it wrong", it was pretty dang hard to nail down one that totally encompasses Monica. So, we decided to take the sweet route.

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After all, Monica is the mom of this group. She's loving, caring, bossy, and pretty blunt. What more needs to be said than this very quote that we receive from her all the back in the pilot episode? We love you, Mon.

3 Jack Geller

"When my time comes, I want to be buried at sea. It looks like fun. Everyone thinks they know me, everyone says 'Jack Geller; so predictable'. Maybe after I'm gone, they'll say, 'buried at sea, huh'."

Oh, Jack. Do we really need to explain this one? We're never sure what's going on inside that big ol' brain of his, but we love every quirky and crazy sentence that comes out of his mouth. He actually kind of explains his character in this quote, ironically, and that's what somehow makes it even more Jack-Geller-perfectness.

2 Chandler Bing

"Oh, that makes me feel so warm in my hollow tin chest."

While this quote was in a close race with "Hi, I'm Chandler, I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable", we still like this one the best. Chandler is known for his sarcastic wit, commitment issues, and well, his compassion. This quote has pretty much all of that, doesn't it? We know he's got a massive heart, you just have to dig through that tin chest of his. At the end of the day, we love everything this quote says about Chandler.

1 Rachel Green

"It's like all of my life everyone has always told me, 'You're a shoe, you're a shoe, you're a shoe, you're a shoe.' And then today I just stopped and I said, 'What if I don't want to be a shoe? What if I want to be a purse, you know? Or, a hat?'"

We all knew this one would be it, right? Well, honestly, out of ALL the Rachel Green quotes out there, this one will always be our favorite. It also perfectly sums up Rachel's character arc, ambitions, and total sense of self. We really don't want her to be a shoe, and we're so glad she finally realized she's a hat.

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