Friends: D&D Character Classes Of The Main Cast

To say Friends is a memorable show is an understatement. It’s been over a decade since it left the air and the hype surrounding it never really died down. The show introduced plenty of amazing characters that are quoted on a daily basis. To mix up some entertainment culture, we took some of the main characters from the show and picked out their D&D class equivalents. Each pick is based on personality traits that make up the roles, and the moral alignments of their actions throughout the entire series. 

10 Ross- Barbarian

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9 Monica- Witch

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8 Rachael- Warrior

We feel Rachel could easily take the role of a warrior due to some key personality traits. She came from a wealthy family and lived an exceptionally pampered lifestyle before giving it all up. Her determination to not go back to asking for money showed us how strong her willpower could be, and makes us feel as if she wouldn’t back down from a fight. Throughout the series, she’s always looking for a chance to prove herself, and will oftentimes use her inner strength to help out her close friends. 

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7 Chandler- Bard

There just isn’t a role quite as perfect for Chandler as this one. In every episode, Chandler delivers sarcastic jabs to his friends, and they aren’t really limited to any certain topic. When you think of his name, you probably think of a few key insults. He’s the group's master of mockery and his cutting words mean that he would most likely be taunting his tribe’s opponents relentlessly. True, Chandler may not be the most musically inclined of the group, but he would benefit the team in this strong support role. 

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6 Joey- Rogue

Even though Joey is a smooth talker, he doesn’t fit very well in the “Bard” category. This is because Joey is nowhere near as charismatic as he thinks, and his career has been pushed forward due to luck many times. His charisma would come in handy with small tricks, and make his character a very versatile support role. Joey would most likely be right at the front lines behind Chandler asking the enemies “How you doin?” hoping deep down that his movie-star looks could get them out of the mess. 

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5 Phoebe- Cleric

Phoebe is the hardest one on this list to correctly pin down. She’s done a lot that could land her in a Rogue role, or even a Warlock. Feats like “Smelly Cat” could even land her a Bard role. But none of those really fits how she acts in the show. Phoebe is a very compassionate person for her friends, holding each of them in high regard and only wanting them to be okay. Because of this, we can easily see Phoebe casting a spell to get her friends up on their feet during battle.

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4  Gunther- Warlock

Every time we see Gunther he’s kinda up to some weird stuff, like constantly trying to win over Rachel’s affection. Gunther’s moral alignment is a bit darker than most of the Friends cast, making him a good fit for the Warlock role. This doesn’t mean that Gunther would be the evil one of the group, but that his skill-set may breach into zones that his group doesn’t, and may use darker motives to make sure everything goes well. Taking in some personality traits, Gunther would make a very strong support role. 

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3 Janice- Cleric

We know she’s one of the most irritating characters of the show, but that doesn’t necessarily make her bad. Janice is seen as a thorn in the backside by many of the group and is oftentimes dismissed by them as soon as she pops up. Despite this, Janice still sees the group as her close friends, and even exits their lives from time to time to keep them happy. Like Phoebe, Janice would make an exceptional Cleric on the basis that she keeps the groups wants before her own, even when that means she’s no longer involved.  

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2 Judy Geller- Monk

Mama Geller would be the last line of defense for the group, or the first depending on if she had things her way. She’s a very strong character that can be overbearing at times, but she keeps her son and daughter's best interest in mind. Judy isn’t someone that easily backs down and her personal drive is something that matches Rachel’s. We know it’s funny imagining this character doing some hardcore spin-kicks, but if there ever was a confrontation involving the group, she would be there in a heartbeat. 

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1 Jack Geller- Paladin

Like Judy, Jack’s values stem from family. He may not be the smartest, with his wife pointing out that he once tried to sell ice via the internet, but he’s there when it counts. His alignment is very pure, with a belief that laws are beneficial, and should be protected. This makes us believe that he would fit the Paladin role, and be more of the righteous member of the group. With this in mind, the Geller family is a force to be reckoned with by themselves, with each family member holding completely different roles. 

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