Friends From College Season 2 Ending & Relationships Explained


After finding out about their significant others' affair off-screen, Jon and Lisa deal with the betrayal in different ways. Where Lisa ran away and got enough distance to effect a mask of aloofness, Jon stayed in his marriage. He and Sam are still together at the top of Friends From College season 2, but a year of therapy has done them no good, and Jon's completely incapable of keeping his rage at bay. He makes some choice and very public comments at Max and Felix’s engagement party causing a contrite, but frustrated Sam to walk away. He asks for a divorce that night, but that’s far from the end.

After Sam agrees to the divorce, Jon clones her phone contacts and leaves every single one a detailed voicemail about their marriage ending and why. After they finally separate, he starts dating their daughter’s schoolteacher and flaunts the relationship in front of Sam at a parent-teacher conference. While his actions serve to make Sam more sympathetic, Greg Germann skillfully imbues Jon with sympathy of his own. As petty as he gets, we can’t help but understand his heartbreak and anger - Jon loves his family, and his wife carelessly torpedoed it.

But it’s eventually that love for his family that sees him attempt to win Sam back at the end of Friends From College season 2, as much as we wish he wouldn’t. Especially considering that Sam only returns to their marriage in the finale after Ethan leaves her. If there’s a Friends From College season 3, it’ll be interesting to see how long their relationship lasts with such a shoddy foundation.


One of the most moving and effective episodes of Friends From College season 2 is “ Storage Unit.” Forced to finally clean out their joint belongings from Max and Felix's building, Ethan and Lisa take a trip down memory lane that’s both sweet and heartbreaking. Cobie Smulders is devastating as she finally opens up about how excruciating it is to relive every happy memory in their marriage with the knowledge of Sam and Ethan’s never-ending affair. For his part, Ethan is as contrite as he possibly can be, but insists that he did love Lisa in spite of his actions, and their marriage was still worthwhile. In the end, it seems they might at least be on a path to an amicable separation, but then Lisa gets one of Jon’s revenge voicemails and all their progress is erased.

It’s the finality of that last blow that allows Lisa to explore, with credibility, her new relationships. She and Charlie breakup shortly thereafter, but not without genuine effort on her part to make it work. That paves the way for her to reconnect with Nick in what becomes a charming budding romance between the two… only for her to realize she’s pregnant just as they decide to give it a shot. Spoiler alert: it’s not Nick’s baby, and it sure isn’t Charlie’s. In a moment you definitely saw coming in “Storage Unit,” Ethan and Lisa’s tryst resulted in the pregnancy they were so desperate for in Friends From College season 1. The two end the season reunited at their first ultrasound, but it feels doubtful a pregnancy will do anything but complicate matters between the two.


Marianne continued to be the most aspirational member of the friend group this season mostly for her epic drags of her friends and killer wardrobe. She maintained her position on the fringes of the action for most of Friends From College season 2, aside from humbly attempting to repair her friendship with Lisa. But her long-distance Australian lover Tag did return to provide some much-needed humor. He and his adrenaline junkie friends are in town to base jump and promote their daredevil YouTube channel. Marianne acts as their getaway driver after they complete illegal jumps off of buildings in Manhattan.

Unfortunately, despite many previous attempts and some killer GoPro content, Tag’s chute fails to open during a jump and he plunges to his death, which is live-streamed to everyone’s horror. As is fitting, Marianne’s feelings about the tragedy are largely overshadowed by all the drama that occurs when everyone meets up at Tag’s funeral and proceeds to either mock him or ignore the service. She ends Friends From College season 2 single, but still better off than almost everyone she knows - and therein lies one of the foundations of Friends From College.

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