Friends: 25 Things Wrong With Chandler Everyone Chooses To Ignore

Just like the rest of the characters, the storylines, and the show itself, Chandler Bing on Friends wasn't perfect. He may have become a great husband (and father) over the years, but he wasn't always the best friend or boyfriend to Monica or his other love interests.

Some of this had to do with how things changed over the years. That was certainly the case when it came to his relationships before he and Monica finally got together. His feelings for Janice changed to fit the plot. When he was with her, he cared deeply for her. However, after their relationship ended, he couldn't stand her.

Though he and Joey were best friends, Chandler did make some mistakes when it came to their friendship, whether that was something that affected his former roommate's professional or personal life. While he and Monica were easily the most stable and best couple of the series, he had faults when it came to their friendship and relationship as well. He was selfish at times because he wanted something to happen that would benefit him, though it did mean hurting someone he cared about to make that happen. He grew a lot over the years, but that didn't erase some of his previous actions or flaws.

Here are the 25 Things Wrong With Chandler On Friends Everyone Chooses to Ignore.

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25 He Forgot He Once Cared Deeply About Janice

Once he and Janice were over for good, Chandler preferred to keep her out of his life permanently. That's not the problem, though. Plenty of people prefer to not see or talk about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend after a relationship is over.

However, instead of framing it like he'd moved on from her, Friends acted like Chandler and Janice's relationship was never important. The series acted like he never had strong feelings for her and instead saw her the way others, like Joey and Ross, did. Janice might have been annoying at times, but Chandler was the one in the wrong here.

24 His Treatment of and Comments About His Father

Chandler made a few comments over the years about his father, who was part of a drag show in Las Vegas. While it was understandable that Chandler didn't have the greatest memories about his parents growing up, that didn't excuse his comments about or treatment of his father.

It wasn't until right before Chandler and Monica's wedding that he even invited his father to the event. The series got away with this at the time because it was all played for laughs and only a minor part of the show, but looking back on it, Chandler really should have treated his father better.

23 His Comments About Monica's Weight

When Monica was younger, she was overweight. When Ross brought Chandler home from college with him for Thanksgiving one year, Chandler commented on it. He didn’t know she could hear him calling her "fat," but she did. Though he apologized years later, he still never should have said it.

Monica wasn't even the first person he was rude to because of her weight. As she found out when they were engaged, he broke up with his camp girlfriend because she gained weight. However, younger Chandler had the decency to not tell his girlfriend at the time that this was why (though he did when he apologized later on).

22 Everything About the Kathy Situation

When Chandler first saw Kathy in Central Perk, he liked her. However, right after he began talking to her, he found out she was dating Joey.

He handled everything about the situation in the wrong way. He got her the perfect present that could've only been from him and had Joey pretend that he'd got it. He even encouraged Joey to date another woman, and he kissed Kathy while she was with Joey. His friends pointed out that had he just been honest with Joey in the beginning, none of that would've happened and their friendship wouldn't have suffered.

21 How He Handled Dating Joanna

Friends Joanna Chandler

Chandler met Rachel's boss, Joanna, and she was interested in him. He went on a date with her, but didn't want it to become more. He didn't like her, and the mascara goop in the corner of her eyes bothered him.

However, she liked him. He kept saying he'd call her again, even though he didn't mean it. It took him longer than it should have for him to be honest with her. Then, he dated her again the next season. Not only was he wrong about how he went about dating her, but he was also disrespectful to Rachel.

20 When He Didn't Know Which of Joey's Sisters He Kissed

Joey's sisters Friends

At a party, Chandler kissed one of Joey's sisters. However, the next day, he admitted that he didn't know which one. Rather than admitting the truth and apologizing, though, Chandler decided to try to work around his mistake.

He went to the Tribbiani house in hopes that he could ask for Mary Angela, but Joey answered the door. Then, because he didn't know which sister was Mary Angela, Chandler kissed another one of Joey's sisters. This was all after he'd also lied to Joey about having feelings for Mary Angela. It was just a big mess.

19 Why He Kissed Rachel in the Past

After Chandler saw Ross kissing a girl they both liked in college, he was hurt. He admitted that he was so angry, he wanted to get back at him that night. He decided to kiss the person Ross liked more than anyone: Rachel.

He used Rachel in his attempt to hurt Ross, though he didn't tell him about it until years later, so what exactly was the point? It was completely unnecessary and painted Chandler in the wrong light. It didn't help that Friends also never seemed clear about Chandler and Rachel's history. This just made things even more complicated.

18 How He Got Rid of Eddie

Friends Chandler Eddie

When Joey briefly moved out, Chandler got a new roommate. Eddie was strange (which is putting it lightly). He clearly needed to go, especially when it was clear that he had some sort of mental illness.

However, when Eddie wouldn't go after Chandler told him to move out, Chandler and Joey went the extreme route. They got rid of his stuff and moved all of Joey's belongings back into the apartment. Then, they pretended that Joey had never moved out. Eddie believed them. It was completely awful, and they saw nothing wrong with what they did.

17 When He Pretended to Be Someone Else to Date a Woman

Friends Chandler Jade

In "The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant", a woman named Jade called Chandler's phone looking for Bob. Chandler pretended to be Bob and set up a date, planning to step in as himself when "Bob" didn't show up.

Chandler's plan worked, and he deserved it when it then all backfired on him. After he was with Jade, she called his phone, thinking she was calling Bob, and complained about Chandler. Not only did Chandler interfere with Jade and (the real) Bob's lives, but he also manipulated the situation to benefit himself.

16 He Came up With the Pros/Cons List

Friends Chandler list

When Ross struggled with choosing between Rachel and Julie, Chandler was the one to suggest that he be logical. Ross was clearly the one in the wrong, but Chandler played a role, too.

Chandler suggested they make a pros and cons list. While Ross listed the items for each, Chandler was the one to type them up. In some cases, that meant poor phrasing and typos. He was also the one to accidentally print the list, which led to Rachel reading it. Rather than thinking about what such a list would mean to Julie and Rachel, Chandler was just happy to use his new computer.

15 Ge Wanted Janice to Choose Him Over Her Husband

In season 3, Chandler dated Janice again, only for her to kiss her ex-husband when they were together. At first, he told her to go back to her ex-husband because he didn't want to break up a family. That was the right thing to do.

However, after she called him her soulmate, he told her to pick him. He wanted her to forget about her marriage and family. He made a scene in Central Perk. The way Chandler acted toward and about Janice whenever she showed up after this made it even worse. He acted like he'd never cared that much about her.

14 All of the Kissing to Keep His and Monica's Relationship Secret

When Monica and Chandler first got together, they kept their relationship a secret from their friends. So, when he accidentally kissed her goodbye before leaving for work, he covered by kissing Phoebe and Rachel, too.

When they and Joey caught Monica and Chandler kissing, he then kissed the other two women again. He claimed it was a "European" thing. Later, he joked with Monica that it was "too bad" the two women didn't see them being intimate. It was disrespectful and kind of ridiculous that it was simply played for laughs.

13 He Tried to Encourage Ross to Move to an Awful Apartment

Friends Chandler Joey Ross apartment

Ross might have been an annoying roommate, but that didn't excuse Chandler and Joey's attempt to get him to move out. Even though there weren't any decent apartment listings, they encouraged him to look at a studio available immediately. It was horrible. There was a kitchen/bathroom, and that said it all. Ross wanted to keep looking, but they acted like there was nothing wrong with the studio.

Sure, Chandler realized what they did was wrong and told the apartment manager lies so he'd reject Ross' application, but the damage was done — and Ross knew his friends didn't want him to live with them.

12 He Proposed Because He Was Sorry

Friends Chandler Monica apology proposal

When the others found out about Monica and Chandler, they started talking about their future. That bothered Chandler, who didn't do well with commitment. In an attempt to make a big gesture, make things right, and apologize, he proposed. He thought that was the fourth best reason to propose, after pregnancy, being ready, and actually wanting to get married.

What if Monica had said yes? He said he would have been happy or he would've ran through the door out of the apartment. It was a stupid (and somewhat cruel) move. It was a good thing Monica knew him well enough to understand what was really going on.

11 He Didn't Bother Listening to the Mixtape

Friends Chandler Monica mixtape

For one Valentine's Day, Monica and Chandler agreed to make each other gifts. Both forgot, and both tried to pass off someone else's creation as their own. Monica's was simply a sock bunny Phoebe made, so that wasn't a big deal.

Chandler, on the other hand, found a mixtape lying around and decided to give it to Monica without listening to it first. Because of that decision, she had to hear Janice's personal message for him in the middle of the playlist. Since Monica forgot to make a present, it's hard to fault Chandler for that mistake. However, he should have listened to the tape before giving it to her.

10 Why He Had to Move to Tulsa (Briefly)

Friends Chandler move to Tulsa

Chandler had trouble sleeping the night before a meeting at work, and he fell asleep during said meeting. Because of that, he accidentally agreed to move to Tulsa and couldn't get out of it. (Admittedly, some of that just didn’t make any sense.)

After that, Monica nearly went with him to Tulsa but ultimately stayed in New York for a great job. Though Chandler eventually quit, it was utterly ridiculous that he didn't do a better job of fighting the move than he did when he initially first learned about it.

9 He Failed to Write Down an Important Message for Joey

Friends Joey Chandler message

Though Chandler had moved out of his old apartment, he still answered the phone when it rang. In doing so, he answered a call for Joey, and when Monica distracted him, he forgot to write down the message. Because of that, Joey missed an audition and missed out on a role. Chandler tried to cover by writing the message down while Joey was on the phone.

As Joey pointed out, Chandler no longer lived there. Chandler's defense was he bought the answering machine in the apartment, which just made it worse. That didn't excuse the mistake he made, though.

8 He Lied About Being Allergic to Dogs

Friends Chandler hates dogs

Some people prefer cats over dogs. Nothing's wrong with that. However, rather than be honest and admit that he just didn't like dogs, Chandler lied about being allergic. The truth came out after Phoebe kept a dog in his and Monica's apartment for three days.

Chandler admitted that he just hated dogs, surprising everyone. He was free to like or dislike whatever he chose, but the way he went about keeping it from everyone (except Joey) was ridiculous. Then he had the nerve to declare that either the dog had to go or he did. This was a dog Phoebe was watching for a friend. It was just a mess.

7 He Almost Ran out on Monica on Their Wedding Day

Everyone always expected Chandler to panic when it came to commitment. Still, he was the one to move his and Monica's relationship forward a couple times. He suggested that they move in together and proposed when she worried that he'd be bothered by her putting their names down for a wedding venue.

Then, just before their wedding, he did panic upon hearing the answering machine message she put together for "the Bings." He decided he couldn't go through with it and left her a note saying "I'm sorry" (and that's it). The others covered for him, and Friends didn't make it as big a deal as it should have for the couple.

6 He Lied About Moving to Yemen

When Chandler ran into Janice in season 4, she refused to let him get away again. Rather than do the mature thing and explain that they were truly over for good, he lied and told her his company was transferring him overseas — to Yemen.

He took the lie so far that he went to the airport and bought a ticket to Yemen. Then, when Janice didn't leave after he pretended to board the plane, he actually boarded the plane. That was such an extreme move, and it was just ridiculous. As annoying as Janice was at times, she deserved better from an ex-boyfriend.

5 He Fell Asleep During Joey's Movie Premiere

Friends Joey Chandler premiere sleeping

Joey only had one extra ticket to his movie premiere in season 8. He had to choose among his friends. The others wanted to attend, but Joey thought Chandler deserved to go because he supported his career and paid for acting classes and headshots. It was his way of paying Chandler back (without actually paying him back).

However, at the premiere, Chandler fell asleep and then pretended he'd seen the movie. It was extremely rude. It was a big deal to Joey, Chandler's best friend. Chandler should've stayed awake. To make it worse, they just glossed over it once Joey realized he didn't want to pay Chandler back all the money he gave him.

4 What It Took for him to Leave Tulsa

Chandler Tulsa Friends

After Chandler fell asleep during a work meeting, he accidentally agreed to transfer to Tulsa. Though Monica was originally going to go with him, she received a job offer she couldn't turn down.

Chandler still went, which meant that he and Monica had a long-distance relationship for a short period of time. He did eventually quit his job, realizing tht he wasn't happy, but he should've come to that conclusion sooner. It shouldn't have taken a coworker making a pass at him and spending Christmas away from Monica for him to quit and return home.

3 He Jokingly Wrote Ross Passed Away Online

Friends Chandler Ross memorial service

Chandler and Ross were friends for a long time, so they got away with doing some mean things to each other. That included the jokes they played on each other on their college alumni website.

Some of the comments they wrote about each other were obviously ridiculous and had to be jokes. However, Chandler took it too far when he wrote online that Ross passed away. Yes, it was crazy that Ross then threw a memorial service for himself (via Monica and Chandler), but it all started with Chandler's entry.

2 Everything About the Potential Donor

Friends Chandler Monica donor

When Monica and Chandler found out they couldn't have children naturally, they explored other options. One possibility was a donor, and Chandler took it into his own hands to try to get them one.

He invited a coworker, whom he thought would be perfect, over for dinner. It wasn't until Zach was in their apartment that Chandler clued Monica in regarding his plan. (Zach was kept in the dark.) What followed was a very personal interrogation session over dinner. Chandler just got worse when Monica decided she didn't want to use a donor and they'd adopt. He asked Zach at work if a pregnant coworker was keeping her baby.

1 He Lied About Having Feelings for Janice to Get Rid of Her

Maggie Wheeler as Janice Litman Goralnik in Friends

After Chandler and Monica got together and they wanted to get rid of Janice, it became their default to lie about his feelings for her. First, when they didn't want her to attend their wedding, Monica told Janice Chandler still had feelings for her. Chandler played along.

Then, when they didn't want Janice to move into the house next to their new one, Chandler again pretended to have feelings for Janice. He even suggested they get together behind their spouses' backs, all to make sure she wouldn't buy the house.


Are there any other things wrong with Chandler that Friends fans ignore? Let us know in the comments!

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