Friends: 5 Best Friendships (And 5 Worst)

Throughout the ten year series, the relationships in Friends brought heartfelt messages and endearing characters to the forefront of modern television. Its routine became so familiar and so beloved that the show is considered one of the most successful in history. People are eager to watch and rewatch the New York City adventures of these six titular friends again and again.

So what is it about this motley crew that is so endearing to audiences? Between the shenanigans of Chandler and Joey, and Ross and Rachel's on-and-off-again relationship, the realism of the show digs into the core of its viewers, making it relatable and entertaining to watch. And despite the predicaments that the characters continuously find themselves in, it's Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Joey, and Phoebe that give the show its legacy.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. Some of these friendships, while lasting, seem strained in certain aspects. So which of these characters are actual BFFs and which friendships fell short? Here are the five best friendships and the five worst on Friends.

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10 Best: Chandler and Joey

Chandler and Joey are the epitome of boyhood friendship. Expect their wild excursions continue well into their adulthood. The two harmonize well together, with Chandler being the more responsible adult with a boring job and Joey being the loose cannon and kid at heart.

Chandler is able to bring Joey back to reality when he needs to and Joey helps Chandler to loosen up. These two goofballs are better together than they are apart and it's clear that their friendship knows no bounds.

9 Worst: Phoebe and Monica

Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe and Coutney Cox as Monica in Friends, massage

Phoebe and Monica cannot be more different. Sure, they make great friends, but they will never have that deep connection that best friends have. Their differences are too glaring, though in some ways it does add on to their friendship.

Phoebe is able to get under Monica's skin on more than one occasion, and vice versa. Phobe, unlike most of the friends, isn't afraid to tell Monica like it is or when she's being a bit overwhelming.

8 Best: Monica and Rachel

Monica and Rachel, like Chandler and Joey, are a true representation of female comradery. It's not always sleepovers and boy talk though; the show reveals the hardships of their relationships, including fights and falling outs.

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They help build each other until they come into their own. Monica helps Rachel go from being a spoiled rich daddy's girl to being an executive at a major fashion company. Likewise, Rachel can be given credit for Monica's more lax moments and helps her to relent her need for control.

7 Worst: Phoebe and Ross

Phoebe and Ross have their comical moments together, but in the real world, it seems like their relationship wouldn't survive. They are both the outcasts of the group, which is perhaps why they clash so frequently. They just don't seem to "get' one another and each of their wild outbursts seems to annoy the other. They get along well enough within the group and even have some revealing moments between just the two of them. But if not for their mutual friends, it's likely these two wouldn't be friends.

And she did steal his original comic book, after all.

6 Best: Rachel and Phoebe

Friends Phoebe Rachel Babies

Rachel and Phoebe's chemistry, despite the odds, is really remarkable. Rachel shows the most concern out of the group for Phoebe and is sure to be by her side in a moment's notice. They just have that effortless back and forth that is prevalent in real-life friendships. Sure, they have their setbacks, but it seems as if it only brings these two together.

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It's also fairly obvious that Phoebe prefers Rachel over Monica.

5 Worst: Ross and Joey


On the whole, Ross and Joey make great friends. However, what makes their relationship so ill-fitting is their blatant personality divergence. Joey helps to spark Ross's creativity from time to time, like in "The One In Which Ross Moves With The Guys" when Chandler walks in on the two playing Cowboys and Indians. But Ross seems too stiff to ever really mold well into Joey's antics.

Plus, they're always clashing over women. First when they start dating the same girl, and then when Joey becomes engaged to Rachel.

4 Best: Phoebe and Joey

Phoebe and Joey are the oddballs of the group and they both celebrate that fact. These two didn't get nearly enough screen time together, but what audiences get is pure gold. There is a brief "what-if" between them and they share a kiss. It could have gone either way, but ultimately their friendship is what remains stagnant.

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Joey seems to understand Phoebe so completely that he sets her up with her future husband. Okay, so he does this by randomly calling out for "Mike" in Central Perk, but look how well it turns out!

3 Worst: Chandler and Phoebe

Chandler seems to have a harboring dislike for Phoebe. Despite having a friend like Joey, Phoebe seems to be too much for him. And likewise, Phoebe is not overly keen on Chandler's dry sense of humor.

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They have a couple of hysterical moments together, like the time that Phoebe tries to get Chandler to admit to dating Monica. But overall, their relationship doesn't possess that same attachment that some of the other friends share.

2 Best: Chandler and Monica

Chandler and Monica are the pinnacles of friendship. They're so perfect together, in fact, that they fall in love. And what's love if you're not dating your best friend? Their chemistry is exhilarating and the showrunners could not have picked a better pair.

They support each other no matter what and they're even willing to make sacrifices for each other where they see fit. Watching Monica and Chandler's friendship blossom into a now-classic love story is what Friends fans pine over when watching the show.

1 Worst: Rachel and Gunther

James Michael Taylor as Gunther in Friends

Gunther has an unhealthy obsession with Rachel. And Rachel doesn't do him any favors by seemingly leading him on.

The best thing she could have done for the man would have been to stay away. Or at the very least, dismiss the idea of their friendship, let alone a romance. It's obvious that Gunther's character is there purely for comical support, but it's a relationship that hasn't aged well over the years.

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