Friends: 10 Joey and Chandler Memes That Are Almost Too Funny

Joey and Chandler on Friends, played by Matt LeBlanc and Matthew Perry, respectively, epitomized the concept of a bromance. Friends and roommates, the two single men couldn’t be more different – Joey the goofy, clueless womanizer and Chandler the sarcastic professional with trouble finding love (until he got together with Monica, of course.)

But when they interacted, it was pure hilarity.  Whether it was Joey desperate for Chandler’s affections, Chandler making fun of Joey in his signature sarcastic style, or the two doing something seriously silly together, it’s clear they were bro soul mates.

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And these 10 memes perfectly describe the relationship they had with one another, which often involved jokes, insults, and moments of bro love.

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10 Could This BE Funnier?

For this to be truly understood, you have to read the caption in the right tone, with an emphasis on the word “be” as Chandler would always make. What’s really going on in the photo is that, after getting upset that Chandler “borrowed” his underwear, Joey retaliates by putting on every item of clothing that Chandler owns.

“Could I BE wearing any more clothes?” asks an angry Joey as he imitates his best friend. It’s hilarity to the max, not only for the caption, but also as you recall the scene from the show.

9 Best Friend Betrayal

We all know what it feels like when a best friend makes plans with someone else and doesn’t include you. How dare they? In this meme, Joey is meant to look clearly jealous and hurt, feeling like he’s not good enough for his  friend. Was Chandler doing something (gulp) without him?

The crossed arms and angry facial expression say it all, and describes just how anyone in such a situation might feel. Joey doesn’t get angry often, but sometimes, he can be jealous and a little clingy with his BFF.

8 Here’s My Scene!

Typical of Chandler, when Joey brings his best friend along to his big acting premiere, Chandler gets bored and dozes off. Chances are he isn’t really sleeping and just pretending to get his point across to Joey.

Of course Chandler was always rooting for Joey to be successful. But it was more fun to rib him, and make it seem as though he didn’t really care sometimes. That said, maybe the movie or show was indeed so boring that Chandler completely fell asleep. Nonetheless, it perfectly describes how any of us feel when we're proud of an accomplishment and our friends don't quite seem impressed.

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7 We’re Mature, Really

Sometimes, Chandler and Joey would act like kids, or young frat boys in college. So this caption perfectly describes the image of Joey with a wide grin and bubble wrap around his head. What’s going on in this photo? It doesn’t really matter. What’s important is that who might appear to be mature and professional adults are just goofballs deep down.

Adding to the hilarity of the photo is Chandler’s equally goofy smile in the background as he looks on, amused by yet another antic from his friend.

6 The Pages Are Stuck

You can read between the lines to understand what is being implied here. In a rare moment, Joey gets credit for coming up with a clever rib against Chandler, implying that he might have been looking through a book while engaged in some solitary activity.

You can hear Joey’s accusatory tone in the caption, and almost predict the face Chandler will make in defense of himself. He’d probably deliver an insult right back to Joey, or, at the very least, say something totally sarcastic.

5 BFFS 4Ever

There’s no better feeling than when you and a best friend say something at the same time and realize just how much alike and how in sync you are with one another. Best friends know what one another is thinking and can finish one another’s sentences naturally, without skipping a beat.

In this meme, the feeling is personified through the gleeful image of Chandler and Joey pointing excitedly at one another after they clearly had a moment. “You’re the best!” “No, you’re the best!”

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4 About Me

This meme could be interpreted in so many ways. Chandler seemingly had a good job, though no one really understood what he did, and he didn’t really seem all that into his work sometimes. Meanwhile, Joey loved to eat. That’s an understatement, in fact. And don’t forget: Joey doesn’t share food! He would take any opportunity to let people know that.

Meanwhile, Ross had a terrible dating track record, often unable to find love. His first wife left him for a woman, his second when he was clearly still in love with Rachel. So the person who created this meme is suggesting some interesting things about themselves.

3 Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry is a timeless cartoon about a cat named Tom who would constantly chase after a mouse, Jerry, seemingly trying to hurt, or even eat, him. Yet deep down, they actually cared deeply for one another, and were great friends.

So it’s a great comparison to Joey and Chandler, who had a similar relationship. Chandler constantly seemed mesmerized by Joey’s stupidity, and sometimes annoyed by him, rolling his eyes or delivering a witty insult. Yet they were best buds, and would, in the end, do anything for one another.

2 Two Types of People

Chandler’s face says it all: he’s the type of person who isn’t interested in silly selfie photos and corny fun. Joey, on the other hand, is a free spirit who eats up every opportunity to be silly and act like a kid.

Indeed, there are two types of people in this world, and Joey and Chandler fit into different categories in some ways. Yet they were still best friends, despite their differences. Even if, every now and then, Joey would do something like this to elicit a face like that from Chandler.

1 You Know What I Mean

Leave it to Chandler to deliver a witty line like this one: when Joey tries to explain something that’s clearly confusing, doesn’t make sense, or seems above his intelligence level and ends his sentence with “you know what I mean,” Chandler’s response is golden, questioning if Joey even knows what he means.

Joey probably doesn’t, which is what makes the reply even funnier. And it’s typical of the types of conversations the two men would have with one another, whether it was about a serious or funny topic.

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