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Damian Shannon and Mark Swift - the screenwriting duo behind the 2009 Friday the 13th remake - have released the first few pages from their unmade sequel. Horror movie franchises, particularly slasher films, are one of the cornerstones of the filmmaking industry, and the Friday the 13th franchise is one of them. The original film, which followed the slasher killer Jason Voorhees as he murders a group of teenagers at Camp Crystal Lake, released in 1980 and was directed by Sean S. Cunningham with a script from Victor Miller.

Despite being ridiculed by critics, the original film has since gone down as one of the genre's most revered cult classics. Furthermore, its enormous commercial success was enough to spawn an entire franchise, which now consists of 12 movies and a TV show, not to mention the countless novels, comic books, and video games that have also released. After some time, though, Platinum Dunes and Crystal Lake Entertainment attempted to reboot the franchise with Marcus Nispel' 2009 remake. The movie, although chastised by critics, was the second highest-grossing release in the series, and there were initially plans to develop a sequel. Unfortunately, that sequel never released.

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Shannon and Swift revealed the title of their abandoned sequel earlier this week - entitled Friday the 13th: Camp Blood - The Death of Jason Voorhees, a callback to the first movie's working title: Friday The 13th: A Long Night At Camp Blood - and in celebration of Friday the 13th today, the duo have released the first pages from their rejected script on Twitter. You can see screenshots of those script pages below.

Bc #WomenBoycottTwitter on #FridayThe13th here's tmrw's present early. A few pgs that answer a cliffhanger question! RT while they last!

— Shannon ? Swift (@shannonandswift) October 13, 2017

The sequel would have reportedly closed the franchise for good, with the death of the series' titular killer. And according to the above script pages, the sequel (and franchise finale) would have taken place during the winter - a first for the series, considering each previous installment was set during the spring/summer months. Unfortunately, in order to co-produce Christopher Nolan's Interstellar, New Line Cinema's parent company, Warner Bros., relinquished the franchise rights to Paramount Pictures in 2013, and Paramount has been attempting their own reboot ever since.

At this point, it's unlikely that the 2009 remake will receive its long-awaited sequel. However, considering that Paramount recently canceled Breck Eisner's planned reboot after the poor critical and commercial reception of F. Javier Gutiérrez's Rings, it's possible that the studio would give Shannon and Swift's script another look over. Until that happens, though, the Friday the 13th franchise will remain on ice for the time being.

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