Friday The 13th Remake: Unlucky For Us?

Marcus Nispel is in final negotiations to direct the Platinum Dunes remake of Friday The 13th.

So who is Marcus Nispel? Nispel has directed dozens of music videos as well as being the man behind the megaphone on features The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the remake, not the original) and Pathfinder (again, the remake not the original).

The news will probably have fanboys across the net up in arms, but let's be honest, his remake of Chainsaw was much better than anybody had anticipated. It's far from great, but compared to the horror remakes of the last few years, it looks like Citizen Kane. On the other hand Pathfinder took a brutal beating both at the box office and by critics, earning less than it's production cost even including overseas box office and garnering a 12% positive rating over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Several years ago Nispel was also set to direct the Arnold Schwarzenegger film End of Days, but he left the project due to "creative differences." Let me interpret that for you: That means that Arnold and Marcus didn't get along. Peter "The Journey Man" Hyams would go on to direct that film instead.

Nispel's attachment to this film could be either a blessing or a curse, but let's hope he keeps it more like his Chainsaw rather than Pathfinder.

Time will tell if this Friday The 13th is unlucky for both us and the studio.

Source: Latino Review

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