Friday The 13th Remake Non-News

For some reason, today it's being reported by Shocktillyoudrop that the upcoming, new Friday the 13th movie is not a remake of the original. I'm calling this non-news and saying "for some reason" because I said here on Screen Rant almost 2 months ago that this new version was not a remake of the original 1980 film.

Everyone else was calling it a remake when the project was announced, but no one seemed to remember that Jason Voorhees, the hockey mask wearing villain of the series didn't even appear in the first film, except as a child in a flashback scene. His mother was the killer in the first movie.

Here's a quote from the site, from someone on the inside of the production:

"It's not a remake, don't even expect an origin tale - as some production listings around Hollywood are pegging it as. Imagine if there was a story to be told somewhere between parts two and four, just add water [from Camp Crystal Lake], insert a leaner, meaner, faster Jason Voorhees, set to 'blend' and you've got the recipe for what Dunes, writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift and director Marcus Nispel got cookin'."

Ok, so a "leaner, meaner, faster" Jason. That's new, but to be expected if they want to put some sort of different twist to the series. But other than that, if your a regular Screen Rant reader then you've already known about this for two months. :-)

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