Friday The 13th Part 2 Remake Moving Forward

What could be more appropriate now that we're in October than horror movie news?

And yes, that's right, I said a remake of the second, not the first, Friday the 13th movie.

New Line studio has put writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift on the job. These are the same guys who wrote the entertaining, if not definitive in conclusion Freddy vs Jason movie.

Everyone else is calling this a remake of the original film, but it's not.

In the original film released back in 1980, the killer turned out to be Jason Vorheees' mother, with Jason appearing briefly right at the very end of the film. The second movie, which came out a year later was the first full-on Jason-with-a-machete flick. It didn't take place in Camp Crystal Lake (the setting of the original film) but at the camp right next to it. This movie places Jason at the camp, so it seems to me it's much closer to the second story than the first.

There wasn't much substance to these original films, so I can't really get too fired up on an anti-remake tirade. I don't even know if "remake" qualifies as a term for this... maybe "re-hash" is a more accurate description.

Anyway, it looks like they're trying to fast track it to beat the impending strike that I'm sick to death of hearing about. Oh, and if it means anything, Michael Bay is one of the producers on the project.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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