Friday The 13th: 10 Most Brutal Jason Voorhees Kills, Ranked

Friday the 13th is known for brutal serial killer villain Jason Voorhees, and these are his most brutal killed — ranked from least to worst.

Perhaps more than any other franchise, the Friday the 13th films are famous for their creatively gruesome kills. When it comes to promiscuous young camp counselors, the iconic machete-wielding Jason Voorhees has absolutely no chill. Across 12 feature films and almost 30 years, Jason has made a rather successful career out of dispatching his victims with varying degrees of savagery. On his off days, he might opt for a more straightforward machete to the skull, but when he's fully charged is when things get downright brutal. Here are the ten most brutal kills by Jason Voorhees, ranked in order of brutality.

Warning: disturbing imagery ahead!

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10 Killed in a Porta Potty, from Friday the 13th Part 5

We all know Jason loves to interrupt his victims at the most inconvenient times, such as in moments of passion and merrymaking, but this time around Jason stoops to a new low. This poor guy was just trying to do his business in peace, and although a Porta Potty is never a comfortable place to begin with, he surely wasn't expecting this fate. Jason skewers his victim two times through the Porta Potty's walls, leaving him to die without a shred of dignity.

9 Corkscrew through the hand, machete to the face, from Friday the 13th Part 4

What makes this particular kill so brutal is in-part due to the victim being arguably the number one favorite from the entire franchise, the loveable Jimbo, portrayed by Crispin Glover. Jimbo captures the hearts of viewers with his underdog nature and laughably awkward dance moves. But as we've come to know, virtually no one is safe in Friday the 13th, save for Jason himself. Jimbo meets his end with a corkscrew pushed through the top of his hand followed by a vicious machete to the face. Rest in peace, dancing darling.

8 Decapitation by upper-cut, from Jason Takes Manhattan

As this shockingly ridiculous scene from Jason Takes Manhattan proves, Jason Voorhees picked up a few moves from his time on the Mortal Kombat roster. In Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason ends up in a boxing match atop a building that looks entirely one-sided until Jason busts out his finishing move.

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After getting bruised up by his decidedly impressive victim, Jason decides to stop playing around and delivers a fatal upper-cut that sends the man's decapitated head over the building's edge and into a garbage can below.

7 Machete to the head on wheelchair, from Friday the 13th Part 2

This kill from Friday the 13th Part 2 adds a new twist to Jason's classic machete kill, and it's also one of the most difficult to watch. For one, Jason's victim in this case is the wheelchair-bound Mark, one of the series' most sympathetic characters. Second, the way Jason lodges his machete into Mark's face and sends him rolling backwards down a long, winding staircase is absolutely barbaric. This kill serves as a bloody reminder that when it comes to killing people in cruel ways, Jason Voorhees spares no one.

6 Machete pull-up under dock, from Friday the 13th (2009)

All poor Chelsea wanted to do was sneak away with a stolen speedboat and go for a loop around the lake wakeboarding topless. But unfortunately for her, that's just the sort-of thing that'll land you at the top of Jason Voorhees' kill list. First, her boyfriend gets an arrow through the forehead and smashes the boat into her after the crashes on the wakeboard.

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Then, after she swims to shore and hides underneath a dock, she sees Jason approach her from directly above. And after a few seconds of anticipation, Jason's machete plunges through the dock above and through the top of her head, pulling her from the water and revealing her bare, blood-soaked chest.

5 Folded to death in bed, from Freddy vs. Jason

The only thing that makes this incredibly violent death easier to cope with is the fact that Trey, the insufferable victim, is such a tool. After making love, Trey is laying in bed alone after his unfortunate partner goes to take a shower because her "hair smells like menthols," at which point Jason comes in and stabs him a frankly unnecessary amount of times. Once Trey is very clearly doomed, Jason forces the bed to violently fold in half, along with Trey. Can't say we miss you, Trey.

4 Sleeping bag against tree, from Friday the 13th Part 7

What can we say? We like sleeping bag kills, and apparently so does Jason Voorhees. In fact, even Kane Hodder, one of the more beloved Jason Voorhees actors, considers this his favorite Jason kill in the entire franchise. In Part 7, "The New Blood," Jason pulls his victim, still wrapped in her sleeping bag, from her tent and bashes her against a tree. Perhaps the most startling thing about this kill is that it takes Jason only one swing to kill his victim, proving his super-human strength.

3 Arrow through Kevin Bacon's throat, from Friday the 13th (1980)

One of Jason's most iconic kills also involves one of the franchise's most recognizable actors, the prolific Kevin Bacon. Depending on how you look at it, it's only appropriate to give Kevin Bacon's character an appropriately savage death, and on that front Jason delivers. The unexpecting Jack is laying in bed sparking up a joint and settling in for a relaxing night when a steel arrow emerges from his throat in a surprisingly graphic, twisting motion that leaves Jack gurgling to death on his own blood.

2 Frozen head smash, from Jason X

Say what you want about Jason X, but there is no lack of creativity in this later entry of the Friday the 13th franchise. For the unacquainted, it's Jason doing Jason stuff in space. The whole thing's about as silly as it sounds, but one scene in particular earns Jason X deserves at least some respect, if only for its creativity. Jason shoves his victim's head into a sink of liquid nitrogen, freezing her, and then obliterates her by slamming her head into the counter. It's silly, almost definitely implausible, and magnificent in a way only Jason Voorhees can be.

1 Sleeping bag over a campfire, from Friday the 13th (2009)

There are those who will consider it blasphemous to give the number one spot to a kill from the polarizing Friday the 13th remake, but we can't think of anything more harrowing than being trapped upside-down in a sleeping bag and roasting to death over a campfire. It's not the first time we've seen Jason weaponize a sleeping bag - Jason X and Part 7 are other examples - but what he does in the 2009 remake is by far his most treacherous, depraved method of killing we can recall.

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