Friday Night Ratings: Dollhouse & Smallville

The overnight ratings numbers are in for the premieres of Dollhouse and Smallville and they're not as rosy-looking as we'd like.  Then again, it is Friday night and our favorite returning shows are up against some heavy hitters.

CBS dominated Friday night with their shoe-in season premiers of Ghost Whisperer and Medium.  Both shows raked in over 8 1/2 million viewers.

Even the encore presentation of FlashForward dusted our favored shows by bringing in an additional 4.6 million viewers.

Dollhouse premiered with 2.56 million viewers and Smallville's 8 o'clock showing reaped 2.5 mil viewers.  Not great numbers for sure - especially when they don't lead into or have decent lead-in shows.

Smallville is the lead-in for America's Next Top Model's encore airing.  Two 1/2 hour comedies, Seinfeld and a new comedy, Brothers, are the lead-in for Dollhouse.

The usual practice is to have like-genre programming follow each other.  This is how Smallville got shoved out of Thursday nights, in favor of Vampire Diaries being paired up with Supernatural.  Or at least put Vampire Diaries in the same time slot that viewers have been tuning into on the network.  Again, another desirable factor.

At least Smallville and Dollhouse aren't up against each other... as if that mattered.

Dollhouse is up against Dateline NBC, Friday Night SmackDown and Medium.

Smallville is battling Law & Order, Ghost Whisperer and what looks like encore airings of FlashForward.  (Not sure that's the regular schedule.)

As far as I see, neither network is probably expecting anything solid out of the overnight numbers and I hope, neither Fox or The CW would be looking to use ratings as an excuse to do anything drastic.

We can only wait... and see.

Source:  TV By The Numbers

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