Friday the 13th Star Wants Halloween: H2O-Inspired Sequel

Corey Feldman has revealed his idea to bring his character, Tommy Jarvis, back to the Friday The 13th series. Tommy is a popular character with fans of the franchise, and appeared in parts four to six. Feldman played the character in part four - dubbed The Final Chapter - where Tommy was actually responsible for “killing” Jason in the finale, as the movie was originally intended to end the series.

Producers soon had a change of heart when they saw profits, so the next movie A New Beginning featured Tommy battling a copycat serial killer. That movie ended with the implication Tommy would become the new franchise villain, but instead, he accidentally resurrects Jason in part six, and the two battle it out until Tommy seemingly kills him for good.

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That was the last time he appeared in the Friday The 13th franchise, but original star Feldman told Yahoo! Movies he has a concept to bring Tommy back that fans would love:

"I've long had this vision of doing our own kind of H20. Which I thought would be great. Everyone seems to have this huge crush on the Tommy Jarvis character. People really got, I don't know, into the concept about where Tommy is going. They tried to bring him back with three different movies. And every single one never panned out the right way. And yeah, that's because it's not Tommy Jarvis, it's a guy playing Tommy Jarvis. But let's get back to the roots. Same thing they did with H20. What would have happened if all those other movies were just some kind of bad nightmare. And the reality is that we last saw Tommy in the hospital room with his sister, and we think Jason is dead. You want to bring him back from that point, and continue the story thirty years later.

Jason Voorhees mask from Friday the 13th

It appears New Line were at one point intrigued by the idea of bringing Tommy back too, but the 2009 Friday the 13th remake threw a wrench in the works:

"New Line came to me at one point and said, 'What do you think about the idea of bringing Tommy back?' And I was like, 'I'm all in! I've been waiting to do this forever! Let's go!' But that's when Platinum Dunes bought it. And they put out that remake. Which, I'll leave my opinion alone. But at the end of the day, I don't think the fans were too gung-ho about that. At the end of the day, they said 'Let's fix it.' And they wanted to fix it by doing the sequel that everyone wants to see. So it came back up again. But it was like, 'Nooooo! We're going to do a sequel to the reboot.' But that didn't happen. It got shut down.'

While the Friday The 13th remake did well financially back in 2009, it failed to spawn a sequel, and another planned reboot was shut down earlier this year. For the time being there’s no word on when the next movie will arrive, but with horror proving so profitable at the box office recently – thanks to the success of movies like IT and Get Out – it probably won’t be too long before the next movie enters development.

With the next Halloween installment bringing Jamie Lee Curtis back as Laurie Strode, it not hard to imagine the next Friday The 13th would take a similar angle and bring back Feldman as Tommy. For now, however, that’s just wishful thinking.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies

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