Friday the 13th Remake Writer Reveals Unmade Sequel Title

Friday the 13th remake writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift share the title they had planned for an unmade sequel to their 2009 film.

Jason Voorhees mask from Friday the 13th

The writers of the 2009 remake of Friday The 13th have revealed the working title for the unmade sequel - and it’s one hardcore fans will dig. Friday The 13th was one of many remakes of iconic slasher movies that came along in the noughties, including The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, The Hitcher and A Nightmare On Elm Street.

Most of these movies were produced by Michael Bay via his production company Platinum Dunes. For a few years taking classic horror movies and producing slick remakes was easy money, despite many of the films receiving poor reviews. Friday The 13th was one of the most successful of this remake batch, earning a huge opening weekend and becoming the second highest grossing entry in the series. A sequel was written by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift – the writers of both the remake and Freddy Vs Jason – and they’ve just revealed their planned title.

The duo revealed the cover page for their unmade sequel on Twitter, revealing it was called Friday The 13th: Camp Blood – The Death Of Jason Voorhees. The writers discussed the script a little in follow-up tweets, revealing it would have taken place in a snowy winter setting and that the lead characters from the remake wouldn’t be returning. The title is also a reference to the working title of the original Friday The 13th: A Long Night At Camp Blood. Later sequels would also find Camp Crystal Lake dubbed “Camp Blood” by superstitious locals.

It's #Friday13th week! Will try to post new fun stuff. Here's cover to our unmade sequel w/ never before published title. RT if you like!

— Shannon ? Swift (@shannonandswift) October 9, 2017

The duo stopped short of revealing the actual plot, just in case the studio comes back to the script someday. Despite receiving mostly negative reviews and word of mouth from some sections of the fanbase upon release, opinion seems warmer towards the remake now. Actor Derek Mears is praised for his Jason performance, the cast is surprisingly likeable and the movie didn’t skimp on the series trademark nudity and gore.

It’s somewhat surprising Friday The 13th didn’t receive a sequel, despite openly laying the ground for one in the finale. A direct sequel was discussed, but as the years went by talk gradually leaned towards another reboot instead. This is a similar story to the other high profile Platinum Dunes remake A Nightmare On Elm Street. That film did enough business to warrant a sequel, but one never materialized; in the case of the latter film though, that was probably down to the intensely negative fan reaction.

It seems unlikely the 2009 version of Friday The 13th will receive a direct sequel now, but the producers behind it appear to be having a hard time coming up with a hook for the next movie. Various ideas have been mooted – from making it a found footage film to setting it in the eighties – but none have gone into production. A planned reboot directed by Breck Eisner was shut down in February 2017, apparently as a result of the underwhelming box-office of Rings.

There’s currently no word on when Jason will return again, though the huge box-office of IT and the return of Jason’s rival Michael Myers for next year’s Halloween reboot could mean Paramount start to seriously consider reviving him once more. In the meantime, fans should look to the Friday The 13th video game to get their Jason Voorhees fix.

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