Friday the 13th: How Many People Has Jason Killed In All Movies?

Jason in Friday the 13th

How many people has Jason Voorhees killed throughout the Friday the 13th franchise? The original film was developed to cash in on slasher success due to the Halloween craze, but since then, the character of Jason has emerged as a horror icon in his own right.

By looking at Jason Voorhees on the surface, he seemed like a typical soulless madman. He terrorizes innocent victims at a lakeside camp without an ounce of empathy. But his backstory is disturbingly tragic. As a young boy, his drowned at Camp Crystal Lake when his camp counselors were too distracted to notice. His mother then tried to avenge his death but instead, she taught him how killing is the only way to live.

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Over the course of decades, Jason wreaked havoc on the nearby town before widening his murder spree to New York City and, eventually space. He's died and came back to life, multiple times with the help of wild coincidences. Jason also acquired supernatural abilities at some point which added another wildcard to the already bloodthirsty killer. The hockey mask-wearing, machete-wielding murderer has racked up 157 kills over his movie career. Here's a breakdown of every kill, by Jason or others, in the Friday the 13th franchise.

Jason Voorhees' Kill Count Breakdown

Friday the 13th - Young Jason

There are twelve films in the Friday the 13th franchise but Jason Voorhees is absent in two of them. To get a better idea of how much mayhem the masked killer brought upon brought during his murderous campaign, here's a breakdown of Jason's kill count by each movie. The kills are only by Jason, either on-screen or confirmed off-screen.

Friday the 13th (1980) - 0 Jason Kills

Jason Voorhees gets off to a slow start in Friday the 13th simply because he wasn't the killer in the first movie. That honor went to his unhinged mother, Pamela Voorhees, as she sought revenge on the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake. She blamed the camp's previous counselors for allowing her son to drown so when the group re-opened the property, Mrs. Voorhees went on a murderous rampage and killed 10 people.

Friday the 13th Part 2 - 9 Jason Kills

Years after Mrs. Voorhees caused chaos on the grounds of Camp Crystal Lake, her son Jason took center stage as the franchise's killer. Masked by a burlap sack, he proved to the new counselors that he was more than just an urban legend. He killed his way through the camp counselors (as well as original survivor Alice) but a few escaped his grasp. That wasn't before one of them found Jason's shrine to his mother, including her decapitated head.

Friday the 13th Part III - 12 Jason Kills

Jason was once again the main killer in the third film, Friday the 13th Part III, which also marked the first time he wore his infamous hockey mask. After suffering major injuries from the previous movie, Jason made his way to a vacation home near Camp Crystal Lake. The masked maniac targeted the weekenders and killed most of them in various gruesome ways. By the end, he suffered a near-deadly ax wound.

Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter - 13 Jason Kills

Jason was presumed dead from the events of the previous film but he miraculously woke up to return to his killing spree. This time around he went after the Jarvis family and their neighbors. A man named Rob eventually showed up to get revenge on Jason for killing his sister. Rob and many others, including Mrs. Jarvis are killed, but young Tommy managed to kill Jason by driving a machete into the killer's head.

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning - 0 Jason Kills

Jason was still considered dead in the fifth movie in the franchise. The killer in the movie was actually Roy Burns who snapped after the death of his son. The movie still followed Tommy Jarvis during his time at a Halfway House, although some fans don't even consider this installment to be part of the Friday the 13th canon. Roy managed to kill 19 people despite his inexperience as a cold-blooded killer.

Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives - 18 Jason Kills

The filmmakers originally intended Tommy to become Friday the 13th's new killer, but instead they brought back Jason. The sixth installment introduced Jason's supernatural side as he was resurrected through electricity. After Jason came back to life with superhuman powers, Tommy tried to warn the town. They thought Tommy had lost his mind until Jason wound up back at the lake and added nearly 20 more people to his kill count.

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Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood - 15 Jason Kills

Friday the 13th Part VII took another supernatural twist as Jason was set free by a teenage girl with psychokinetic abilities. Jason had been chained to the bottom of the lake but when a psychiatrist tried to test the girl's power, she accidentally unleashed Jason. He went on yet another murderous spree before the girl was able to use her powers to summon her dead father to drag Jason back to the bottom of the lake. The father's death was caused by the girl's powers at the start of the movie.

Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan - 18 Jason Kills

Jason took a mini-vacation in the eighth movie of the franchise. After a group of high school graduates boarded a houseboat on the lake, they accidentally shocked Jason's corpse back to life. He then went on the boat and sailed with them to New York City. Jason attacked those on board but the boat eventually sunk. The survivors made their way to the streets of the city but Jason followed, even through Times Square, before the killer got himself stuck in the sewers. This movie also included an accidental kill when Wayne shot a crew member thinking he saw Jason.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday - 19 Jason Kills

The ninth installment of Friday the 13th might be a little confusing in terms of continuity, especially with an amplified amount of supernatural elements thrown in. An FBI agent ultimately lured Jason into a trap at Camp Crystal Lake and blew him up. Jason's remains were sent to a morgue but his spirit possessed the coroner's body and used him to carry out the killings. This movie included two accidental killings during the carnage.

Jason X - 21 Jason Kills

Jason was taken by the government to be studied at a research facility at the beginning of Jason X. Fast forward to the year 2455 when frozen killer thawed on the way to a new planet. He killed all he encountered throughout the space station before part of his body is torn off. Jason's body was eventually repaired in a medical station which was when the world was introduced to the cyborg, Uber Jason. He was later incinerated alongside a Sergeant when the pair entered the atmosphere. Jason X featured two accidental deaths, one by a crashed shuttle and another by a ship explosion.

Freddy vs. Jason - 18 Jason Kills

Technically, Freddy vs. Jason was released after Jason X but the movie was actually set up back in Jason Goes to Hell. Jason was stabbed in the heart at the end of the ninth movie but a recognizable clawed hand grabbed the body and dragged him to hell. That hand belonged to Freddy Krueger, the antagonist of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise. Rather than team up, the crossover movie forced the two killers to fight against one another. Many innocent people get in the middle of their massacre but the majority of the deaths come at the hands of Jason. It's assumed that Freddy was killed at the end of the movie, but a coda teases his survival in some form, so it's not counted here.

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Friday the 13th (2009) - 14 Jason Kills

The most recent Friday the 13th movie served as a complete reboot of the franchise. It followed a man named Clay who traveled to Camp Crystal Lake in the search of his missing sister. The sister was held captive by Jason, who was given a re-imagined origin story this time around. There was also a group of vacationers at a nearby cabin that Jason easily picked off one by one. The reboot featured two deaths that Jason was not responsible for: Mrs. Voorhees and Mrs. Miller.

Friday the 13th Franchise Kill Total

Betsy Palmer as Pamela Voorhees in Friday the 13th

The Friday the 13th franchise currently features two timelines. The original timeline includes the 1980 debut film through Freddy vs. Jason. The other timeline only includes the 2009 reboot. The totals per timeline are as follows:

  • Original Timeline = 143 Kills
  • 2009 Timeline = 14 Kills

Grand Total (including the 38 kills carried out by other people, accidents, or other means) = 195 Kills

The number may vary from fan to fan depending if they think off-screen and assumed kills deserve to be included. Either way, Jason Voorhees is easily one of the deadliest killers in horror history. Even if all of the Halloween timelines are combined, Jason still crushes Michael Myers' kill count. Jason's number might increase in the near future if new Friday the 13th installments hit the big screen. As for now, Jason will continue to reign supreme with his horror kill count.

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