What Is "Frenzied Waters?"

I first heard about this earlier today from, and frankly I might have been a little freaked out if I hadn't read about his experience first. Today I received a large package in the mail which contained what I would describe as a large, old, cloudy mason jar with a rusty lid.

When I opened it there was a very odd collection of items inside...

First off, when I opened the box there was a handwritten note that stated the following:

This jar holds a story - the story of a single tragic incident that needs to be unlocked. Dive in, investigate the evidence and discover what lies beneath the surface of

After setting that aside, I unpacked what was within and found the aforementioned mason jar.

Kind of weird, right? Having the jar cloudy made it all the creepier. Anyway I opened it removed all the contents and laid them out on the table...

Here's a list of what was included:

  • A warning sign that looked like it would be posted at the beach.
  • A swimsuit with a shredded right leg opening.
  • A brass key fob with stamped in it, attached to a large shark tooth.
  • A rusty key attached to a padded (floating?) key chain that had "Discovery Marina SW09" printed on it.

Oh, and that small piece of paper above the keychain? That's my obituary.

Yes, my PERSONAL obituary. Here's what it said:

Victor Holtreman, notable eBook author of The Last 10 Pounds and creator of, was killed by a shark on Monday, July 6th in Ocean City, New Jersey. He was visiting family and friends in his home state. Holtreman was famous for his multi-faceted career background, including the Navy, door-to-door isales, construction, and hospitality. ScreenRant, one of the most consulted blogs for television and movie news, prided itself in casting aside sugar additives. Funeral arrangements are scheduled for July 9 in Utah, where Holtreman currently lives.

Everything above is accurate. Tell me THAT wouldn't freak you out if you got it in the mail! I'm curious to see what, if anything happens on July 9th...

I called the number on the warning sign (386-675-0342) and it's a recorded beach closing warning. Then I hit up the website where you can watch a video of what seems to be a first person view of getting attacked by a shark (don't worry, it's not graphic at all) and if you click on the "My Story" image on the far right, it prompts you for your Facebook login. If you input that it then displays another first person view and cuts to news reports of a shark attack death using YOUR facebook picture (more creepiness). However when I reloaded the page the newscast portion no longer appeared.

You want more wierdness? Despite all the effort that went into sending this to me and other sites (in addition to,, and a few other sites received one as well), there is no listing for a movie called Frenzied Waters in, the absolute "go to" database for movie and TV info. I was left thinking whether this might be an HBO movie (I received something equally cryptic for HBO's True Blood).

They do have a Twitter page, but that's very recent and just as mysterious.

I thought this was creative, and enough work went into it (including a handwritten note and the research done to come up with a detailed obituary printed on newspaper stock) that it was worth mentioning.

The fact that it doesn't come up on leaves me with one likely perpetrator: The Discovery Channel's "Shark Week (that and a little Google News search which sparked a memory about an email I received weeks ago). :-)

Pretty damned clever, I have to say.

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