Latest (French) Trailer for '9' Is The Best Yet!

I've asked it before and I'll ask again: since when did the international tailers for U.S. Movies get better than their domestic counterparts??? All the trailer-cutters out there in Hollywood should be worried: your overseas competition is pulling ahead!

Case in point: the French trailer for Shane Acker's '9', which is being produced by Tim Burton. Thankfully it's in English, because it's the only trailer that actually explains the story! The domestic teaser and full trailer for '9' were both well done, however they really didn't clue the uninitiated to what 9 is all about. If you've been wondering, check out the French trailer:Thanks to Allocine for posting this:

Now that I've seen this trailer I have a MUCH better understanding of who these "rag dolls" are, and why they're out in the wasteland battling the kind of techno-beasts we've seen in clips from the movie. It kind of really steams me that I had to jump to a website that's not even in English to get the explanation of what 9 is all about in plain English. Irony like that often makes my head hurt.

Though I have to say: the CGI in this film looks pretty amazing! Just check the hands of "The Scientist" who is stitching the doll in the beginning of the trailer. IF you want to see the French trailer in HD, go here.

Now that you FINALLY have an understanding about the plot of 9, be sure to check out our full gallery on the movie. It's full of wonderful posters, clips, trailers, interactive sites and even the Oscar-nominated short film by Shane Acker, which inspired this movie.

'9' hits theaters on 9-9-09.

Source: Allocine via Film School Rejects

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