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CW Seed - Freedom Fighters The Ray

A poster for the animated series Freedom Fighters: The Ray has been released, teasing a new Arrowverse adventure. While The CW has slowly been expanding their superhero roster on TV over the past few years, they've been doing something else exciting as well. While different studios try and craft massive cinematic universes that don't always connect, the Arrowverse has slowly been growing in both live action and animation.

Already, two seasons of Vixen have been released and the character and her pantheon have popped up across the live-action Arrowverse. This season on Legends of Tomorrow will dive deeper into the history of Vixen, but that series won't be alone in furthering the Arrowverse. During San Diego Comic-Con this year, we got our first look at Freedom Fighters: The Ray, set in the Nazi-occupied Earth-X. Defending the planet is The Ray and his team, who will be going up against evil versions of Supergirl, the Flash, and Arrow. Now, we have another look at the show and more of its Arrowverse connections.

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CW Seed has now released a new poster for Freedom Fighters: The Ray online (see below). While it doesn't confirm a premiere date for the series, it does offer some hints of things to come on the show proper.

DC's newest heroes will rise. Freedom Fighters: The Ray is coming soon to @cwseed.

— CW Seed (@cwseed) October 16, 2017

In the poster, we see The Ray and other Freedom Fighters like Black Condor and Red Tornado. Most interestingly, we also see Vibe making an appearance. Cisco Ramone has appeared in the first two seasons of Vixen along with a number of other Arrowverse heroes, and it looks like he'll be crossing over from his world to The Ray's next. In fact, his arrival may hint at how the show will connect to the annual Arrowverse crossover this year.

We learned not long ago that the big team-up of the Arrowverse shows this season will see the heroes travel to Earth-X. There, they will meet The Ray and his team and confront their evil counterparts. In all likelihood, Freedom Fighters will air beforehand and introduce viewers to the world and characters. It will also provide a connection to Vibe and his dimension-hopping powers.

As if all of those connections weren't enough, Vixen and The Ray will soon be joined by Constantine, yet another Arrowverse animated series coming soon to CW Seed. While The CW isn't slowing down when it comes to live-action superhero shows, it's clear they're now comfortable exploring their digital service as a way to incubate new heroes and villains before they jump to TV.

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Freedom Fighters: The Ray is expected to air sometime this year on CW Seed.

Source: CW Seed

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