Free Enterprise SE + sequel?

Now I realize that I'm usually the first to rail against SE versions of DVDs as an attempt to re-cash in on a particular title, but in this case it makes sense. The original was released way back in the DVD stone age of 1999 (The format was so new, that the characters in the film were still into collecting laserdiscs.). Despite this, there were some pretty cool extras worth checking out... but no commentary track, which for a movie like this is mandatory. Another argument for the SE version is that apparently the original is a bit hard to come by if you want to purchase it (although you can find it available for rent at Netflix). recently interviewed Robert Meyer Burnett, who co-wrote and directed the original film. He talks about the experience of filming the cult classic, getting together again for the SE commentary track, and what's going on with Free Enterprise 2, Click below for the full interview.


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