Fred Savage & Keegan-Michael Key Act Their Age in Friends From College Trailer

Keegan Michael Key and Fred Savage in Friends From College

The first trailer for Netflix's Friends From College is here. The new comedy from Nicholas Stoller (Neighbors) is set to premiere on the streaming giant in July with a deep ensemble cast in tow. Headlined by Keegan-Michael Key of Key & Peele fame and veteran Fred Savage, who most recently appeared in FOX's The Grinder, Friends From College carries great potential with the talent assembled.

Friends From College also features Cobie Smulders (The Avengers), Annie Parisse (Person of Interest), Nat Faxon (Married), and Jae Suh Park (The Mindy Project). Describing the new show as a series about "acting your age," Netflix has not revealed many details about Friends From College beyond its basic premise of a group of old friends reconnecting as they approach their respective mid-life crises. But the first trailer for the series is now available, revealing the kind of gleefully vulgar, irreverent humor you'd expect from a Nick Stoller production.

Netflix premiered the new trailer, which you can watch in the video above. Revealing the first look at Key, Savage, Faxon, and Parisse as Ethan, Max, Nick, and Sam. The group appear to be pre-gaming for a night out as it quickly descends into a drug-fueled romp, as they chuck pizza against the wall and ceiling, scribble on a window with permanent marker, and generally act silly.

Keegan Michael Key and Fred Savage in Friends From College

Max, in particular, can't seem to hold back on the cocaine as things quickly turn ridiculous. The group eventually wakes up Max's boyfriend Felix, a doctor played by Billy Eichner in a recurring role. There's no sight of Smulders as Lisa, who is also part of the main group of friends from Harvard who reunite with each other as the series interweaves their complicated relationships and varying levels of success.

Friends From College boasts one of the most impressive casts of any Netflix original series coming out in 2017. The group in the trailer is only four of at least six main characters with many expected guest appearances, including Seth Rogen. The scene in the trailer looks like just one particular sequence, so there's still plenty of material left to be seen.

The cast and makers of Friends From College all have plenty of experience creating memorable comedy, but it remains to be seen how they will all work together. The series has an intriguing premise that could be deeply relatable for lots of viewers -- but of course, it's all in the execution. Based on Stoller's pedigree, which also includes Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the first trailer for Friends From College looks promising for his fans.

Friends From College premieres July 14 on Netflix.

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Source: Netflix

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