Freaktastic New Poster for Pandorum

The more we here at Screen Rant cover Pandorum - the upcoming sci-fi/horror/thriller starring Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma) and Dennis Quaid as two crew members who awaken from hyper-sleep aboard a nightmarish spacecraft - the more I get excited for the film to drop this fall.

Up until now promo materials for the film have included some truly creepy posters and a goosebump-inducing final trailer. Today, we have a new Pandorum poster that tops all the rest in terms of creepiness, and may just offer us yet another clue as to what the mysterious force terrorizing the spacecraft is. Take a look: Talk about hearing voices in your head:


Dude, all I can say about his poster is SICK. If I were walking in a movie theater (instead of being an Internet Geek who can't wait that long) and saw this poster, I would have to stop and take notice.

Again, this film could turn out to be a huge disappointment but at this point I don't think it will: I love Ben Foster and I've heard nothing but good things about director Christian Alvart's last film, Antibodies (which I hear is getting a U.S. remake, for better or worse). Plus, after watching the first and final trailers a few times, I can say that I haven't felt chills like this from a sci-fi/horror/thriller since Event Horizon (which I am still too traumatized to watch alone).

Pandorum is slated to hit theaters on September 4, 2009. To read an interview with star Ben Foster, you can go here.

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