'Thor' Writer To Adapt & Direct 'Freakshow'

Freakshow Movie

It’s an old joke that everyone in Hollywood wants to direct. It would seem that this is literally the case for Thor writer Mark Protosevich - as the screenwriter plans to adapt and direct the comic book Freakshow for the big screen.

The film news comes even before the three part comic miniseries hits news stands –  it’s not due for release until January! The comic was created by David Server and Jackson Lanzing, with art by Joe Suitor, and will be published by Ape Entertainment.According to Variety:

Freakshow revolves around five young protagonists who are turned into mutants by a cataclysmic chemical explosion and must decide whether to use their newfound powers to save the city or exact revenge on those responsible after the world's only superhero is killed.”

It all sounds a bit familiar as Heroes, Fantastic Four, and to an extent X-Men, tread similar territory (alongside forgotten television series Mutant X).

However, Protosevich seems to think differently:

"In terms of experiencing moments of creative inspiration, reading Freakshow was like being struck by lightning. Weird, exciting, unsettling lightning. David and Jack created a rich, emotional superhero story, but one that's infused with elements of science fiction, post-apocalyptic action, and horror. For me, an irresistible combination. Plus, Joe's artwork is absolutely stunning. I knew instantly that it had to be a movie, but more than that, I knew I wanted to be the one who makes it."

Freakshow Film

Protosevich’s credits include the aforementioned Thor, I Am Legend, Poseidon, and The Cell starring Jennifer Lopez.

In the late 1990s Protosevich also penned a fifth installment for the Warner Bros. Batman franchise (before the Nolan reboot). The script reportedly focused on The Scarecrow and it was believed that George Clooney would hand-over the bat-cowl to Kurt Russell - following the negative reaction to Joel Schumacher’s Batman and Robin.

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As we all know that project never made it to the big screen – even though Protosevich’s script was supposed to be great.

Keep reading Screen Rant for more news on Freakshow.

Source: Variety

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