Frasier: The 10 Worst Things Frasier Has Ever Done, Ranked

A character would need to be someone special for him to last two decades on screen or to be able to make the jump to an entirely different series, and Frasier is seen as the ultimate success story for this example. The show managed to make Frasier out to be his own person rather than be connected to Cheers all the time, with his bromance with Niles being a duo that only a few characters have emulated since.

However, Frasier’s slate isn’t clean by any means, and he did some not-so-nice things during his times on both Cheers and his own show. For you to know what we’re talking about here, check out these 10 things that Frasier did wrong during his tenure in sitcom history.

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10 Make Fun Of Woody's Problems

Woody’s naive nature led to most of the patrons of Cheers making fun of him without him even realizing it, with the instance where Woody’s girlfriend was supposedly being hit on by a foreigner being one of the times where he was again ridiculed.

Frasier, who usually didn’t partake in such jokes, joined in as well with a well-timed jab at Woody. As it happened, Woody misinterpreted the European guy on the phone, leading to Frasier lying (he knew how to speak French) that what the man meant to say was that he was enjoying hooking up with Woody’s girlfriend. This made an already nervous Woody lose his cool further.

9 Hook Up With Sam's Fiance

To be fair, Frasier didn’t know that this woman was Sam’s fiance when he hooked up with her, but Frasier did lie about the whole affair to Sam once he found out. Instead of being honest, Frasier headed to the woman and convinced her to pretend that they had never met.

When it seemed that she would still reveal her dalliance with Frasier, the latter was ecstatic when she confessed she had hooked up with Cliff too. This meant Sam didn’t know about Frasier’s involvement, and Frasier himself decided not to ever come clean about this to Sam.

8 Cut Contact With People At Cheers

It’s baffling how Frasier regularly headed to Boston to see his son and never stepped foot in Cheers again. When he came across Woody and Cliff several years in the future, it was apparent they hadn’t been in contact with Frasier at all.

This is rather awful to realize, seeing as Sam had come to the conclusion in the finale of Cheers that his friends made him the luckiest man alive. However, it turned out Frasier simply didn’t care much about Sam and the rest. Frasier also only stuck around for half an hour or so at Cliff’s retirement party, despite having met these people almost ten years later.

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7 Chase After A Woman Who Was A Bully

This one could easily qualify in the list of jokes that haven’t aged well from Frasier, as he pretty much harassed his coworker, Julia, because he found her attractive. However, the only thing he liked about her was her looks, as Frasier was shown to despise her personality.

Julia was a terrible bully to everyone at the office and would insult Roz and Frasier at every turn; this didn’t change even after she started dating Frasier. He also stopped being friends with Roz for a time because of Julia, and only when she took her mean attitude to the limit did Frasier dump her.

6 Treat Daphne Like A Servant

Daphne was shown to be rather bossy with the Cranes for the most part, but one could see in certain scenes how her daily life was. Despite being Martin’s live-in therapist, Daphne instead pretty much did everything Frasier wanted her to do.

In the episode, Woody showed up, and Frasier made Daphne feel just this way when he had her clean up after the mess he and Woody had made. Along with that, Daphne did all the cleaning, cooking, Martin’s work, Frasier’s chores, and whatever the Cranes wanted. He even tried to forbid her from dating anyone because he was uncomfortable having a man around his house. That’s quite a stretch from her job description, that’s for sure.

5 Date A Woman Who Looked Like His Mother

For some reason, everybody and Martin’s dog could tell that Frasier’s new girlfriend Mia was the spitting image of his mother except for Frasier himself. While he didn’t consciously date her because of this likeness, it is a pretty gross occurrence when you think about it.

When he also saw the resemblance between his mother and Mia, Frasier at first even tried to be intimate with her; he thankfully didn’t go through with it. But the fact remains that Frasier did at one point have a girlfriend who looked exactly like his mother.

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4 Attempt To Hook Up With Nanny G On A Children's Show Set

Frasier tried to resist the advances of his ex-wife, Nanny G, who was a famous children’s TV figure, but found himself lured into the hook-up eventually. First of all, Nanny G was actually married to someone at the time (although she admitted it was only for convenience), but the second fact is that they almost went at it in the prop room below the stage for the children’s show.

Making matters worse was that the bed was lifted up onto the stage while Frasier was in a state of undress, forcing him to pretend to be an actor playing the part of a baby during the performance.

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3 Break Up With His Girlfriend Because Of Commitment Problems

Frasier met the perfect woman in Claire, who was everything not only he desired, but was also a hit with Niles, Daphne, and Martin. Everything was going smoothly before Frasier dumped the wonderful Claire in favor of the aggressive Lana simply because he thought Claire was too safe an option.

It ended up not working with Lana either, leaving Frasier all alone and with none of his family sympathizing with him since he hurt Claire for no valid reason. Last we saw of her, she had left Frasier and the family in tears, all because of Frasier’s commitment issues.

2 Get All The Staff At His Workplace Fired

Due to Frasier’s stance on his integrity, he refused to endorse products he didn’t believe were good and decided he would take it up with the station manager. He got through to Kenny, who was a pretty big pushover, but it eventually cost everybody at the station their jobs.

The owner, realizing his true passion was his ancestry, decided to make the station a 24/7 Latino music station. This resulted in every talent on the station becoming redundant, and they stayed this way for a number of months because of Frasier inadvertently causing everything to collapse.

1 Constantly Scream At His Own Father

Earlier seasons almost exclusively had storylines revolving around Frasier and his father being unable to co-exist. They got better later on, but Frasier never gave up his habit of yelling at Martin. 

It’s not the easiest thing to see him screaming his head off at his own father, who would be embarrassed at the situation he found himself in since he was old and had a limp. Frasier would constantly tear down everything about Martin’s way of life, such as his favorite chair, his dog, and his simple demeanor. One would think Frasier was talking to an unwanted guest rather than his parent, making this one of the very worst things about him.

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