Frasier: 10 Worst Things Niles Has Ever Done, Ranked

You can count the number of spin-offs there have been on one hand, with Frasier being the most successful spin-off of all time. Its ability to stand out from under Cheers’s shadow was due to Frasier having excellent supporting characters of its own, the most popular one being Niles Crane.

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Frasier’s brother was a hilarious character to follow, and he was generally a quieter version of his elder sibling, because of which you’ll be surprised to realize that Niles did actually do quite a lot of bad things during the show’s eleven-year run. In case you don’t believe it, here are 10 of the worst things we saw Niles do on Frasier.

10 Be In Love With Daphne While Still Married

Niles was guilty of doing this for many years until Maris cheated on him, with some fans claiming his infatuation with Daphne was the reason why his first marriage fell apart. It makes sense too, seeing as how Niles’s whole life seemed to revolve around Daphne. 

If you want to argue that Niles remained faithful to Daphne, then how about you imagine a scenario where your spouse is in love with someone else. Doesn’t sound good, does it? Niles’s blatant feelings for Daphne were so obvious that everyone other than Daphne could tell he loved her and not Maris.

9 Try To Beat Frasier By Buying Their Father's Love

Since both Crane brothers were very rich, their idea of making others happy was by opening up their wallets and making grand gestures. While they didn’t cherish spending time with their father much due to Martin’s likings being too rough for these two posh brothers, they did go all out to make him happy on his birthday.

To this end, Niles solely wanted to get a win over Frasier as he bought one expensive thing after another to make Martin happy. He eventually tracked down Martin’s old police horse, but this was only done so he could win, not because it meant a lot to Martin.

8 Learn Frasier's Embarrassing Moments To Publicly Humiliate Him

When the family arrived in Boston for a conference the Crane brothers were speaking in, Frasier changed plans on the fly because he had run into his friends from Cheers, making Niles annoyed that Frasier would disrespect his plans.

He evidently gained his revenge at the conference, where he planned on speaking about the many embarrassing moments Frasier had at Cheers, information he got from speaking to the likes of Carla and Norm. Since Frasier does embarrass easily, you just know he would’ve felt humiliated at the conference.

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7 Look Down Upon Frasier's Brand Of Psychology

Since Niles was the kind of psychiatrist one generally goes to, he saw Frasier’s brand of “pop” psychology as something that was only a form of entertainment and not real psychiatry. It also annoyed him that Frasier gained a mass following when he had seemingly handed in his integrity as a doctor. 

Due to this, Niles took to taking shots at Frasier’s expense for not having a real practice and only having a radio show. Certain times established that Niles might have been inwardly jealous of Frasier’s shortcut to notoriety, making his jabs at Frasier a matter of insecurity.

6 Make Frasier Keep Their Father So That He Wouldn't Have To

We saw just how enormous Niles’s house with Maris was, and he didn’t even share the same bedroom with his wife. There were also multiple quarters just for the house staff, meaning Martin had enough room to be kept; everyone knows Niles didn’t have any money problems to keep a live-in housekeeper either.

Basically, Niles didn’t want a clash between Maris and Martin, which led to him dumping his father on Frasier to take care of. Plus, had Martin not been living with Frasier, then Niles probably wouldn’t have visited Martin much at all.

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5 Attempt To Cheat On His Wife With Daphne

What people don’t remember about Niles is that he did almost act on his feelings for Daphne in the first season itself. This happened when Daphne was staying over at his place and Maris was out of town, along with a thunderstorm outside that meant there was no electricity at the house either.

At this point, Niles could no longer contain himself and was about to kiss Daphne had it not been for the latter bringing up Maris’s name. Upon hearing of her, Niles recalled that he indeed was married and called his intentions off. However, had Daphne not reminded him, Niles would’ve been unfaithful to Maris.

4 Shame Roz For Her Private Life

Over on Cheers, Sam Malone was lauded for his debauchery with women and was encouraged to score with more girls, Frasier being among this group. Over on Frasier, however, everyone liked to shame Roz for doing the same thing Sam did, with Niles being the worst. 

In the earlier seasons, Niles’s only interactions with Roz were when he wanted to shame her for her loose nature, something that Roz was clearly uncomfortable with. They did become true friends later on, but Niles never ceased making fun of Roz’s frequent hook-ups even though it was none of his business.

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3 Get Together With Frasier's Ex-Wife

Niles had no liking for Lilith, nor did he ever indicate he found her attractive either, but he still hooked up with her at a time when Lilith was feeling unattractive and Niles was sad over being cheated on. The little fact we have to mention here is that Lilith was Niles’s brother’s ex-wife!

Although he felt ashamed of what he did at first, Niles then found some pleasure with this fact when he realized a woman found him worthy to be intimate with, giving him an ego boost. During this time, Frasier was obviously not happy with what happened, but Niles couldn’t conceal his satisfaction.

2 Belittle Daphne For Her Weight Problems

Daphne developed an eating disorder after she and Niles started dating due to Niles making her out to be some sort of woman who was unprecedented in perfection. Her stress got to the point that she couldn’t even walk right anymore, leading her to enter a spa to lose the excess weight.

When she got thin again, Niles scoffed at the idea that his behavior was responsible for getting Daphne fat, and then made fun of her throughout the episode for being naive. Despite seeing that this insulted Daphne, Niles continued the tirade by then attacking Daphne’s doctor and telling her she was easily manipulated.

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1 Ditch His Wife To Run Away With Daphne On Her Wedding Day

Frasier tried to paint Niles and Daphne in a positive light after this incident happened, but the show could never cover up the fact that they behaved like total villains here. After Daphne realized she too loved Niles, she propositioned him to run away with her on her wedding day. Niles obliged in a heartbeat, even though he had only just gotten married.

Although they returned back, Niles promptly told his wife he wanted a divorce, and then acted as if he was the wronged party when his wife reacted understandably angrily. Later on, Niles started dating Daphne even though he was still legally married.

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