Frasier: 5 Relationships Fans Were Behind (& 5 They Rejected)

Amidst the comedy of errors and farce that made up the bulk of Frasier's narrative, the search for love and the attempt to understand its complexities was central. As a character, Frasier always considered himself unlucky in matters of the heart. Despite being a psychiatrist and often giving listeners of his radio show advice about their romantic woes, he never seemed to be able to follow it himself.

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As the series chronicled his dating endeavors following his second divorce (from Lilith on Cheers), it also included the relationship mechanics of his unhappily married brother Niles, who pined for Daphne but had to develop the courage to pursue her. It examined his father's exploits after the death of his wife, who was afraid to cheat on the memory of the mother of his children. Frasier revealed the best and worst about us through the distinct tribulations of its relationships. Not all of them had a happy ending, of course.Here are some of the best and worst, from the fans' point of view.

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From the moment that Niles laid eyes on Daphne, she was no longer a caregiver to his ailing father, but a tender goddess that blessed mere mortals with her ethereal presence. Though he was unhappily married to Maris at the time, Niles held a candle for Daphne for years.

Daphne was oblivious to his puppy love (unlike everyone else) until Season 7, when he could no longer conceal his feelings for her. So, the slow-burning romance that had simmered beneath the surface of the series blossomed into the happiest relationship either of them had ever been in.


Frasier always had an attraction to strong women who exuded confidence and authority. His second wife Lilith had been like that, and, at one point, it's what drew him to put his job in jeopardy and pursue his boss Kate Costas, the station manager of KACL.

The steely woman he dated the longest was Julia Wilcox, KACL's financial adviser. Though they couldn't stand each other initially, their burning hatred transformed into burning passion. She retained her mean streak, though, and once she insulted his family she got the boot.


While the Crane Boys might not have liked Sherry, she was the best thing to happen to their father. She was loud, crass, and dressed in nothing resembling cashmere, but her down-to-earth nature and home-spun wisdom was exactly what Martin was comfortable with.

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She was the first woman he had real feelings for since the love of his life passed away. He felt awkward telling Sherry how he truly felt about her because he thought it would be like cheating on the mother of his children, but in the end it was worth the risk.


Donny Douglas began his time on Frasier as Niles' divorce lawyer when he was separating from his wife, Maris. A real battler in the courtroom, Donny gave Niles his freedom and his chance to be with the woman he really loved - Daphne.

Sadly, that wouldn't be possible, because Donny would steal Daphne's affections before Niles could make his move. Donny and Daphne's relationship would last for several seasons, and while it was pleasant enough, it lacked any sort of spark.


One of the hallmarks of Frasier was the fact that its leading protagonist was so unlucky in love. He could dispense some of the most nuanced advice to his listeners about their relationship woes, but have no way of avoiding them himself.

This led him to seek the expertise of a matchmaker in the final season of the series. Unfortunately, it took almost the entire season for Frasier to realize his true love was in front of him the whole time trying to find him an alternative. The always-effervescent Laura Linney and Kelsey Grammer had some undeniable chemistry.


One of the most insufferable women that Frasier ever dated, Lana came into his life during a particularly bad romantic drought. As per the parameters of such a period, Frasier was feeling undesirable, his self esteem had plummeted, and having the opportunity to date the Prom Queen was too tempting for him to pass up.

Lana and Frasier never had very much in common, and their attraction to one another seemed purely physical. Lana was an extremely negative and judgmental person who brought out the worst qualities in Frasier. She was only really with him to get over someone else.


Though they couldn't possibly have remained together (Lilith was too busy ruling the Underworld), there was an undeniable chemistry between the two eminent psychiatrists that heightened their relationship on both Cheers (as pictured here) and Frasier.

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They were far too similar and far too conceited to actually be able to have a healthy relationship, but the dynamic nature of their fiery trading of barbs created some of the best episodes of the series. Lilith was always someone Frasier couldn't live with, yet couldn't live without.


Other than Donny, the only major roadblock preventing Niles and Daphne from being together was Mel, Niles' second wife. The term can be applied loosely, since he abandoned her to reveal his long-held feelings for Daphne, and the only way she'd concede to a speedy divorce would be if he pretended to be the doting husband for a time.

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She proceeded to make his life miserable, wielding the power she had to control his future happiness like an evil queen's scepter. She lived to humiliate him, and it was only after he had almost utterly destroyed himself socially that she released him from his obligations.


Following Martin's breakup with Sherry for good, an old flame decided to re-enter his life. Ronee used to babysit Frasier and Niles when they were children, and as it turns out, Ronee always had a bit of a crush on their old man. She had since become a lounge singer and sang a lot of the old classics Marty loved.

While at first it might have seemed like an odd pairing, Ronee's fast comebacks meshed much better with Frasier and Niles' acerbic wit, and before long, she and Martin were planning their wedding. Martin's past allowed him to acquire a whole new lease on his future.


While there can be no Frasier without Diane (his former fiancee who introduced him to Cheers and all of his life-long friends), the way she left him at the altar never sat well with fans. When she reappeared on Frasier looking for help, it seemed hollow, and her apology insincere.

Viewers either loved or hated Diane Chambers on Cheers, and seeing her on Frasier causing him to briefly contemplate inviting her back into his life was almost unfathomable, after what she'd put him through.

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