FOX's 'Frankenstein Code' Comes to Life in First Trailer

It’s upfront week, and with it comes a fresh slate of trailers for new shows set to debut in the fall and spring of next season. Today was the day for Fox’s presentation, which is why the network has dropped a bunch of clips for audiences to enjoy - two of which being for The Frankenstein Code.

Starring Rob Kazinsky, The Frankenstein Code follows the journey of Jimmy Pritchard, a 75-year old, former LA County Sheriff who finds himself forced to retire after being disgraced on the job. Following a robbery at his son’s home, Pritchard is murdered. However, with certain medical advancements in need of testing, two scientists take it upon themselves to bring Pritchard back to life so he can have a second chance at life as a young, 35-year old cop with super human abilities.

In addition to the new trailer, Fox also released a behind the scenes first look video:

There are many ways in which The Frankenstein Code feels like Fox trying to capitalize on the one time great success of Sleepy Hollow, taking a classic horror tale and giving it a modern spin coupled with a procedural element. The big difference here, though, is the creative team at the top levels. Instead of Kurtzman/Orci, we’re getting Howard “24/Homeland” Gordon. Unlike the former, Gordon knows how to make hit television work and keep working, so even if the trailers for this one do feel a little generic, there’s reason to remain hopeful.

In addition, Fox is really the only network of the big four that seem willing to actually experiment with the likes of genre programming (though The CW has them beat by a mile across all of broadcast television). So, if The Frankenstein Code is going to succeed, it’s going to happen on Fox or not at all. There’s a possibility the series is simply suffering from a common case of pilot-itis. The actual show might have a lot more going for it than we’re seeing here… or it could in fact be another case of Sleepy Hollow and not have a single clue of where its story its headed past this initial first episode.

Either way, it’s always fun to see some balls-to-the-wall genre fare on broadcast television, and The Frankenstein Code is certainly no exception to that.

The Frankenstein Code debuts in early 2016 on Fox.

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