House of Cards has been one of the country’s favorite shows since its first season. We fell in love with this blunt politician who would do anything for the office. His speeches to the audience were endearing, as we were the only ones who were able to see through the facade and into the real Frank Underwood.

Well, as we would soon learn, the real Frank Underwood is a heartless bastard. He doesn’t care about anyone or anything other than himself and his own legacy, and he would do anything to become the most powerful man in the world. Every time we think there is a line Francis won’t cross, he crosses that line without blinking an eye.

Through the seasons of House of Cards, the audience has learned that there is nothing Frank won’t do. By the time the fifth season hit Netflix, there was hardly anything Frank could do to shock us; or so we thought. Sure enough, season five was jam-packed with shocking moments, just as the four seasons before it were.

Ahead are the 15 Most WTF Things Frank Underwood Has Done.

15. Killing the Dog

Franke kills a dog in House of Cards House Of Cards: 15 Most WTF Things Frank Underwood Has Done

House of Cards doesn’t waste any time in the characterization of Frank Underwood. In the very first scene of the show, the audience gets a glimpse into the mind of the man who would later become the President of the United States.

Frank Underwood, as we learn throughout the series, is unflinching and vicious. When he thinks something needs to be done, Frank does it. This scene sets the tone for the brutal pragmatism of Frank Underwood; showing that he will do whatever it takes when any situation arises.

Even though Frank was likely putting this dog out of its misery, there’s something sadistic about this killing. He doesn’t exactly enjoy the act, but his face is practically emotionless as he suffocates a wounded animal. At this point in the series it’s impossible to predict what’s to come, but the first scene in the show serves as a foreshadowing of the future horrors of the series.

14. The Destruction of Michael Kern

House of Cards The Destruction of Michael Kern House Of Cards: 15 Most WTF Things Frank Underwood Has Done

Michael Kern was the first person we saw get in Frank Underwood’s way, and the first person whom is victimized by Frank’s vengeance and ambition. When Kern was named as Secretary of State– the role Frank was promised– it was a certainty that Frank would find a way to ruin the man.

Kern is almost an innocent bystander in the Frank Underwood nuclear war. Kern didn’t maliciously insert himself in the equation, but became the first of many to fall victim to Frank’s sword.

Much like the dog-killing incident, Frank’s destruction of Michael Kern shows the audience what tactics he will use to get what he wants. Kern was taken down by being linked to the writing of an anti-Israel op-ed in his college newspaper. Of course, he didn’t write the piece, but that doesn’t matter when Frank Underwood has something he can use against you.