Frank Miller & Will Eisner's 'The Spirit'


Forget The Spirit! I hear you scream. Never! How could you forget a comic book adaptation starring Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Paz Vega and Gabriel Macht.

No don't worry... I've never heard of Macht either.

Based on Will Eisner's comic book; The Spirit is the story of a rookie-cop who returns form the dead to fight crime in Central City. However, his arch-enemy - The Octopus- is trying to destroy Central City and The Spirit must battle his enemy to restore peace to the city that he loves.

How cool does this movie sound?

Directed by Frank Miller in a similar style as Sin City, The Spirit looks to be a fantastic comic book film, one that has gone under the radar for too long. That is however going to change, the film's official website is now up and running with a video introduction with Miller and some blog updates. Nothing too exciting about that... but there is a clock counting down...with eleven days left. Could it be a trailer? Let's hope so.

Last week a batch of green screen pictures did the rounds online, before they were yanked down faster than trousers (or pants as you yanks would call them) at a flasher convention. If you didn't see them, take it from me- they looked cool- very Sin Cityesque. You can however still see the cool outdoor posters for the film right here:

Outdoor posters for The Spirit (click for a larger version courtesy of SHH!)

I know that a lot of you were wondering what comic book movies we were going to cover once the men of Iron and Bat have been released.

Well take it from me, The Spirit has now moved to the top of the list.


The Spirit is due to open on 16 January 2009.

Official website:

Source: The official Spirit website

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