Sylvain White Gives Status Update on Frank Miller's 'Ronin'

You know, it's been a while since we've talked about the film adaptation of Frank Miller's seminal graphic novel Ronin. Sorry about that. To be fair, you can't really blame us though. It's actually director Sylvain White's fault. You see, White has been pretty busy working on his current comic book movie, The Losers, which opens on April 19th. That film is now more-or-less wrapped up, so White has begun turning his focus back to bringing Ronin to the big screen.

In an exclusive interview with, White talked about his plans for Ronin and how he wants to take as much time as he needs to make sure that the movie is "done right." No new writer is currently attached to the film, but White says that he is "working along with the studio executives developing the story elements and they're attaching a writer in the spring to do a new pass on it."

As far as his approach to Miller's material (Ronin is considered by many comic fans to be one of the best graphic novels ever written), White had this to say:

"It's a very complex graphic novel and it needs very careful attention...Of course to make a movie of that scale, you need a lot of money to pay it justice, especially with the incredible visuals that Frank Miller has in it, but at the same time, in order to get a lot of money to make the movie, it has to have enough commercial appeal, so I'm trying to balance those two things together to make the movie accessible but still smart and throw with all the great ideas and grand ideas that it has."

White went on to explain that he understands the importance of getting this type of graphic novel adaptation just right and that he doesn't plan on rushing the film into production.

"It’s a whole process to get it right. Some people rush and do it quickly and you end up with bad adaptations, which happens all the time. If they give me the time to do it, I will take it to do it right. There have been drafts that were ready to go supposedly but I want to take my time to make sure that it's just good. The fanbase out there for this particularly iconic graphic (novel) is scrutinizing the project and I also don't want to let them down."

Considering White's comments, as well as the fact that the producers behind Ronin (led by Gianni Nunnari) are the same people who brought Frank Miller's 300 to the big screen, I feel confident that this adaptation could be pretty successful.

That being said, Ronin has been kicked around Hollywood for over ten years (director Darren Aronofsky was attached to the film all the way back in 1998), so there's no reason to get prematurely excited.

What do you think? From his comments, do you think Sylvain White is the right man to helm a film adaptation of Ronin?



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