Franco and Dunst Talk Spider-Man Reboot

Remember that Spider-Man movie trilogy from way, way back? Remember the two kids who starred in the trilogy, James Franco and Kirsten Dunst? Well, believe it or not, those kids are now all grown up and are reflecting back on their time in the Spidey universe and what their feelings are about the franchise's renewed future.

Oh, in case you've been sleeping for the last two weeks: Spider-Man 4 has been nixed and Sony is going with a total franchise reboot that will be helmed by Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer).

So what do Franco and Dunst have to say about the new Spider-Man trilogy in the works? E! Online has the scoop:

James Franco:  "I don't have a problem with that...It worked out well for Batman, and comics themselves have different artists and writers...I think for the viewers you want a little space [between Raimi's and Webb's flicks], so you can get everyone else out of your head."

Kirsten Dunst: "It's sad to see it end. I think for Sam it was time for him to move on, and so we're all going to move on with him. But we've had a good 10 years."

Is it just me, or can you just feel the total indifference seeping out off Kirsten Dunst? While I haven't been the biggest fan of this Spider-Man reboot idea, one definite benefit is not having Dunst back for another installment. It seemed like the girl stopped trying about midway through the second movie.

As for Franco, well, I think he's pretty much on the mark about the need for separation between the Raimi Spidey films and Marc Webb's new trilogy. Too bad we aren't going to get it!

MTV also managed to talk Spidey with James Franco, check out that video below:

Oh James, don't fret for Tobey and Sam - I'm sure they'll be alright.

Eh... looking back over this there really isn't anything too interesting. Just once I would love for somebody to say "Screw this new Spider-Man! Those losers can't do what we did!"

Hell, maybe Robert Downey Jr. will say that when they eventually try to reboot the Iron Man franchise in another 2-3 years :-) .

What do you think about Franco and Dunst's take on the Spider-Man reboot? Do their opinions even matter?

Sony is currently working to get Webb's Spider-Man in theaters by 2012.

Sources: MTV, E! Online

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