Netflix's Fractured: All The Clues To The Movie's Big Twist

Lily Rabe and Sam Worthington in Fractured

What are all the clues to the big twist in Netflix's Fractured? As a psychological thriller, Fractured upends itself more than once as we follow Sam Worthington's Ray towards the tragic climax. Absolutely convinced of his own truth, Ray puts hospital staff and local police through the ringer in his search for his wife and child that's he's absolutely convinced have been somehow abducted in some bizarre conspiracy.

Unfortunately, his family is gone - but not because the indistinct hospital they landed at is harvesting organs off unsuspecting patients. It's because Ray killed them in a brief fit of exhaustion and rage. Unable to reconcile this, his mind splinters, forcing us to endure his struggle until the realization that it's all a psychotic episode. Ray's wife, Joanne, and his daughter, Peri, are dead in the boot of his car, and have been since the fall his daughter takes early in the film.

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Although delivered as a final, macabre twist, there's a few hints along the way that everything isn't as Ray sees it. Here are all the clues to the truth in Fractured.

Ray's Blackouts

At two points, we have a full black-out when Ray passes out. The first is when he hits his head trying to save Peri, and the second comes when he waves Peri and Joanne off in the hospital, after which he wakes up in the waiting room. These bookend the height of Ray's delusions. They show us the intense depth and convincing reality of what he imagines after Peri gets hurt. And they provide the most prominent clue that what's going on isn't what we think it is.

The second time Ray wakes up, nobody has any memory, nor record, of his wife and daughter checking in. At this point we're entrenched with Ray as the hero of the story, but the movie is making it clear it really is him against the world if he isn't wrong.

The Strange Behavior In His Dream

During the scenes of Peri being checked in, Ray and Joanne come up against some odd hospital staff. The nurses and admin personnel checking them are standoffish and ask pointed questions about organ donation. What's more, we can hear someone being picked out for having a specific blood-type in a way that's decidedly less than private.

When Peri's being examined, the doctor checking her sends her for a CAT scan, citing worries about brain damage for her fall. Only Joanne is allowed to accompany the child, and Ray waves them off as they go downstairs. Later, we see those machines are upstairs, and said doctor has no memory of ever admitting a young girl for such a scan.

Nothing To Show Ray Came In With His Family

The final, and most important, piece of evidence about the twist in Fractured comes when everyone humors Ray and checks the hospital CCTV footage. Joanne and Peri are never shown on any cameras - only Ray, who, according to all available information, checked himself in for a cut on his head and that was it.

This is the juncture where Occam's razor comes into effect. Sure, this could all be a massive cover-up and the hospital is kidnapping and disappearing people for who knows what... or Ray is wrong and he's the culprit in the disappearance of his wife and daughter. The latter, the most simple explanation, is the real one. Sometimes we are our worst enemy, and people will go to any lengths to avoid having to take responsibility for their actions. In Fractured, Ray is one of those people, and he does a lot of damage in the process.

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