'Foxcatcher' Final Trailer: Steve Carell Drives Channing Tatum Mad

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in Foxcatcher

Hollywood movies often tell stories about athletes and artists vying for greatness, who find guidance and inspiration from flawed, yet ultimately good-natured and supportive coaches. Well, this awards season is apparently dedicated to giving bad coaches their day, what with such films as Whiplash and Foxcatcher hitting the scene. The former stars Miles Teller as a young drummer who begins to mentally crumble under the pressure put on him to succeed by his emotionally and verbally abusive instructor (J.K. Simmons) - though, that critically-acclaimed indie flick is not based on a true story.

Foxcatcher, on the other hand, stars Steve Carell as real-life billionaire heir John du Pont - a fellow who (spoiler?) turned out to not be so great at the whole being a good coach and father-figure thing either, after he became the sponsor to Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz (played by Channing Tatum in the movie) in the 1980s.

The full-length trailer for Foxcatcher, which you can watch above, outlines how the relationship between the pair started off as seemingly healthy and mutually beneficial - with du Pont becoming the paternal figure that Schultz always wanted - before, over time, it descended into psychological warfare and eventually, physical violence. As with the previous teasers for the film, "intense" is the name of the game in the latest (and last) Foxcatcher theatrical preview.

Channing Tatum and Steve Carell in Foxcatcher

Early reviews for Foxcatcher have been very strong, with Tatum earning nearly as much praise for his performance in the film as Carell and Mark Ruffalo - who, similar to Carell, changed his physical appearance in order to better portray a real-life person - have for their work as du Pont and Mark Schultz' older brother, David, respectively.

Similarly, director Bennett Miller (Capote, Moneyball) and screenwriters Dan Futterman (Capote) and E. Max Frye (Band of Brothers) have collected their faire share of critical accolade for turning a true story into a film that works as both a chilling sport/crime tale, as well as an insightful character study. Between the movie's effective marketing and early buzz, it's no wonder that many filmgoers have ranked Foxcatcher as one of their most-anticipated Fall 2014 releases.

Foxcatcher opens in U.S. theaters on November 14th, 2014.

Source: Yahoo! Movies

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