Fox vs. WB: The Ultimate Watchmen Showdown

Wow, this Warner Bros./Fox brawl over the Watchmen movie is turning into a cage fight.

Just a few days ago, we reported that a judge ruled Fox does still own the rights to Watchmen. Most people figured, OK... now the back and forth will begin for just how much money Fox will be able to extract from Warner Bros' release of the film.

Today, things got ugly.

According to the Associated Press, Fox is saying that it actually wants the release date of the film delayed.

"An attorney for 20th Century Fox says the studio will continue to seek an order delaying the release of 'Watchmen.'"


In reaction to that, a representative for Warner Bros. had this to say:

"Warner Bros.' attorney said Monday he didn't know if an appeal was coming, but thinks a trial is necessary and a settlement unlikely."

Double yikes.

Does Fox really want to delay the release of Watchmen? Does Warner Bros. really not want to reach a settlement? Only the lawyers and execs on both sides know for sure. This could be the real deal, or it could be both sides digging in their heels to each show the other they have more intestinal fortitude than the other guy.

Over at, they speculate that it's probably the latter - with the very outside chance that the head(s) of Fox may be in fact, insane, and actually want to get their hands on the film.

Can you imagine Fox, the studio that's brought us such recent gems as X-Files: I Want to Believe, The Day the Earth Stood Still and The Happening were to get their hands on Watchmen? (Shudder...)

Watchmen is currently scheduled to open on March 6, 2009 (but don't hold your breath).

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