How The Fox Television Studios Logo Has Evolved Over Time

Fox Television Studios logo 2013

Here’s how the Fox Television Studios Logo evolved over time. Fox Television Studios was launched in 1997 and formed part of Fox’s TV empire alongside fellow production companies including 20th Century Fox Television and 20th Television. The studio’s first big hit was the hugely popular, critically acclaimed sitcom Malcolm In The Middle - which provided a breakout role for Bryan Cranston - and was co-produced with Satin City and Regency Television. It later found success with spy drama Burn Notice which aired on USA Network for seven seasons.

Over the years, Fox Television Studios would dabble in genres as diverse as crime drama (The Shield, The Killing), sci-fi (John Doe, Defying Gravity) and reality TV (The Great Escape, The Girls Next Door and its spinoff Kendra). These days Fox Television Studios is officially no more after it merged with Fox 21 in 2014 to become Fox 21 Television Studios, which created a cohesive unit focusing on producing cable and digital content. Under the Fox 21 Television Studios banner, the two companies have produced shows including hit drama Queen Of The South for USA Network and upcoming Netflix comedy The Politician.

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Times have certainly changed at Fox Television Studios, not least because of Disney’s recent acquisition of all things Fox. But one thing remained relatively consistent and that was the Fox Television Studios logo - at least until its re-branding as Fox 21 Television Studios. The company’s first logo is based on parent company 20th Century Fox’s original logo which was designed back in the 1930s by artist Emil Kosa Jr. Bar a few tweaks, Kosa Jr’s iconic design – the art-deco style Fox monolith lit up by roving searchlights – has remained pretty much the same and the Fox Television Studios logo followed suit.

Fox Television Studios logo 1998

During its six-year history, the only major change to the Fox Television Studios logo was the permanent removal of its ‘A News Corporation Company’ byline in 2013 after News Corporation’s split with 20th Century Fox. A more drastic change came after Fox Television Studios’ merger with Fox 21 which resulted in a logo completely different from its past branding.

Like Fox 21’s original logo, the new Fox 21 Television Studios logo features a black lowercase text in a simple typewriter-style font. It’s a far cry from Fox Television Studios’ usual logo and some design mavens feel it’s a rather bland design. Having said that, the Fox Television Studios Logo didn’t evolve much over time so perhaps an entirely new logo was what it needed.

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