Fox Television is sensitive... Who knew?

Fox television, that bastion of high-brow entertainment, has once again lowered the bar for reality entertainment.

Although this show will never see the light of day.

Seems that good old Fox television came up with a show where a couple of guys had to pass themselves off as gay for a $50,000 prize. While that might sound pretty run of the mill for the network, some of the details of the show and what these guys had to do were cringe inducing:

"One contestant resorted to telling his former wrestling teammate that he liked the sport because he enjoyed 'close contact with sweaty boys.' He later had to fork-feed dinner to a blind date, get the man to spank him and fool him into securing a second date, [GLADD Media Director]Macias said."

It was in fact GLADD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) that convinced Fox to pull the show. Apparently they referred to the show as "an exercise in systematic humiliation."

My question is: Humiliation for whom? The contestants? Somehow I doubt it. More likely the negative way in which gays would be portrayed.

I personally would not tune in to this thing, but where will all the liberal cries of "Free Speech" be on this one, hmmm? I'll tell you: Nowhere to be seen.

Apparantly it's ok movies to lampoon Christian beliefs (MGM's new film Saved!) but God forbid that gays are shown in a less than positive light.

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