Fox Wants Ridley Scott to Direct Alien Prequel

It was announced last month that another Alien movie was in the works, with initial word stating that it would be a reboot. However, not long after that announcement, word came that the next Alien would be a prequel and not a reboot as previously reported. On top of that, brothers Ridley (who directed the original Alien) and Tony Scott were to be attached as producers, with commercials director Carl Erik Rinsch at the helm.

However, even though the project still seems to be a-go, the big guns at 20th Century Fox are reportedly not happy with Ridley not directing the Alien prequel.

The Scott brothers may have given their blessing to Rinsch to direct the Alien prequel, but apparently Fox isn't so keen on the idea. From Entertainment Weekly (via The Playlist) - from a report yet to be published online - comes the word that Fox isn't "interested in green lighting the project unless [Ridley] Scott directs himself." And since Fox (not the Scott brothers) own the rights, this disagreement with the choice of director presents a little bit of an issue, I'd say!

And the situation only gets more awkward: not only is Carl Rinsch part of RSA Pictures (a Scott brothers' production company), he is also (allegedly) romantically involved with Ridley's daughter Jordan. I guess, then, the comment made by Tony Scott about Rinsch being "one of the family," wasn't just referring to the business side of things... How thick is blood compared to movie contracts?

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Although I would be okay with the idea of Rinsch directing the Alien prequel (check out his "Evolution of Technology" ad as proof he's got talent), if I had the choice I would much rather have Ridley Scott directing again. After all, he was the one who gave us Alien in the first place, and if the movie is still moving forward as a prequel, then Ridley seems best fit to give us a look at what came before his original vision.

As fellow Screen Rant writer Kofi Outlaw said, a prequel to Alien could very easily ruin the mystery of just what the hell those aliens are exactly. But it's a risk I'd personally be willing to take as a viewer, if it means we get a prequel and not a damn remake/reboot - or worse, another lackluster AVP-type spinoff.

What do you think about the apparent upset of Fox wanting Ridley Scott to direct the Alien prequel? Would you rather Ridley came back to the franchise? Or should some new blood (maybe Carl Rinsch?) have a go at it?

Hopefully the Alien prequel makes it to a release date.

Sources: EW (via ThePlaylist) and /Film

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