Fox Planning Avatar 2 - But Don't Hold Your Breath

Back in January we learned from James Cameron that there will be another Avatar, the director's mega blockbuster which recently passed the $2 billion mark at the worldwide box office to become the most financially successful film of all time. He said a second installment would be a lot easier to make because the technology now exists to so (Cameron helped invent/develop the technology in order to achieve his vision), and that 20th Century Fox would definitely want another.

Now we learn from Fox - via THR - that they're indeed planning for Avatar 2 and are already in early talks with Cameron about it. This comes from Fox chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch, who at his quarterly earnings call said Cameron, "has ideas," and that they'll, "be pushing for one."

However, for those of you ready with your pens to mark your calendars you may want to clip the cap back onto it for the time being, because Murdoch cautioned that you shouldn't, "hold your breath for an early one," referencing the fact that Cameron's projects often taking a long time to come to fruition. But nonetheless - as News Corp. deputy chairman, president and COO Chase Carey said - the studio and Cameron, "certainly both intend to have one."

The studio's executives said that financing would be key to making an Avatar sequel, as News Corp. doesn't want to take too much of a risk. Hello! The first one just made a couple of BILLION dollars worldwide, so I think it's safe to say a sequel is guaranteed money. Furthermore, as stated, the technology won't be nearly a expensive as it was the first time around (not that it'll come cheap either).

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Fox management also went on to talk about the fact that they'll see 60% or more of the profit from Avatar's earnings over the next two quarters, and they'll continue to keep the movie playing in theaters for as long as people are interested in it (consumers show their interest with their wallets, after all). A DVD is already planned soon after the theatrical run is over, although no 3D DVD version as the technology for that isn't as advanced as needed. But certainly don't rule out the latter some time down the road, as home 3D viewing technology develops.

So when can we see Avatar on DVD? Well, no official release date has been set but when pushed on the issue Murdoch said we'll see it during his company's current fiscal year, which ends June 30th. That means we'll get Avatar on DVD by this summer? Sweet! Although it'll be interesting to see how well it plays on the small screen, sans 3D. A big part of what made it such a great experience for me (and evidently many others) was the immersive 3D experience of the big-screen.

Cameron has already spoken in the past about the fact an Avatar trilogy was part of the plan all along, but let's just take this one at a time and focus on the second installment. As Murdoch stated, it's still VERY early and as this article title suggests, don't hold you breath for Avatar 2 anytime soon (if you keep holding it you won't be around see another film! :P ). A sequel seems inevitable both on a financial level and a creative level. In my opinion there's just too much there NOT to do another film.

Would you like to see an Avatar sequel? Are you surprised Fox is planning another this soon, before the first is even finished its theatrical run? Or was this inevitable?

Source: THR

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