Fox Picks Up Pitch from 'Jurassic Park 3' Writer

Director John Moore (Max Payne) and writer Peter Buchman (Jurassic Park 3, Che) are teaming up on a new project for Fox. Moore will also produce the film alongside John Davis.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive report, Buchman sold Fox on the project with just a pitch. There's no word on what the project is about, though The Hollywood Reporter speculates that there "could be a sci-fi element" (which is a good guess, since sci-fi is the hottest genre in Hollywood right now).

Because there's so little news to report on this project for the time being, please permit me to indulge in some ruminations on Hollywood. As a semi-aspiring screenwriter myself (I should say semi-semi-aspiring), I'm always intrigued when studios pick up products based on pitches alone.

Buchman is an accomplished screenwriter with four produced screenplays, so it's not like he's an unknown quantity, but still. How good does a pitch have to be to get a development executive to commit resources to it without a script? As a movie fan, I am interested in the finished product above all else. However, as an entertainment professional, I'm fascinated by the process by which movies get made.

You often hear Hollywood types talk about the importance of a good logline and this news helps confirm that. You should be able to boil down the essence of a good story, even one with lots of twists and turns, into a simple pitch. If you can't articulate your story in one or two sentences, you probably have a problem.

I'm sure Buchman had a killer pitch. Hopefully we find out what it is soon. In the meantime, if any aspiring screenwriters out there want to talk on the importance of a good pitch, feel free to chime in in the comments.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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