FOX Picks Up Shawn Ryan’s 'Ridealong'

It has been a little over a year since Shawn Ryan’s hit cop drama The Shield ended, but it would appear that Ryan just can’t get enough of the boys in blue as his new television pilot, Ridealong, has just been picked up by FOX.

Ridealong is being touted as “a character procedural that follows one of Chicago's toughest cops as he struggles to clean up the violence and corruption in town.”

Fans of The Shield creator know that Ryan has been serving as the show runner for another hit FOX drama, Lie to Me. Fear not faithful Lie to Me viewers: Ryan will continue his run on the sophomore drama.

While I never could really get into The Shield, I completely understand why people enjoyed it. And since Ryan took over Lie to Me, the show has never been better. Still, I’m not sure how this new project will be received by viewers.

Could this be a case of going home too soon? Does the world need another prime time cop drama on network television? Granted, a LOT of violence has been erupting in the streets of Chicago over the last few years, so maybe people will find an unexplored world of police intrigue to get into? However, they could just as well be put off by the first impression of  'another cop show.'

Lie to Me has been picked up for a full season, but FOX has yet to schedule a return date and unless things change drastically, expect to see Ridealong this fall on FOX.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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