Solved: Fox Mystery Viral Commercial

Fox is catching on and trying to tease folks with some form of mystery advertising.

While my wife was watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale, I just happened to notice a 5 or 10 second ad. Note: My wife was watching... I was in the background writing articles.  I mean, I only watch the show for the ads, right?

Anyway, the ad flashed the above image on the screen and below the image was a website address.

As you've probably noticed, the above image is a live countdown and I have done the math and the investigation for you. The mystery seems pretty apparent to myself.  When I do the math, it adds up to September 21st, 2009.

If you check my very own post on Fox's 2009 fall premiere dates, you'll see that the only show that Fox has premiering on September 21st is the 2-hour premiere of House with Hugh Laurie.

And as we all know, he's committed himself to the funny farm to deal with some imaginary conversations and other issues.

It's a nice little twist on another movie name, but that's not a Fox property.

So, for now, I dare say, mystery solved before we go crazy.  Time will tell!

Site:  Snakes On A Cane

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