Fox Orders 'Comedic X-Files' Series Ghosted, Casts Adam Scott

Fox acquires Ghosted, a sci-fi comedy series with Adam Scott and Craig Robinson (Hot Tub Time Machine 2) signed on to star and executive produce.

Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation

If  you've ever watched a show like The X-Files or Stranger Things and wished the episodes allowed for a bit more levity, then Fox has just ordered a new series that could be right up your alley. The network recently claimed Ghosteda paranormal sci-fi comedy that has Adam Scott (Party Down) and Craig Robinson (The Office) signed on to star and executive produce.

It seems only appropriate that the network that pioneered the X Files reboot should take in this show, especially since the classic series' tenth season received mixed reviews for its slow-moving story line. Ghosted may be the network's way to breathe life - and laughter - back into the paranormal genre, and could be right at home next to Will Forte's post-apocalyptic comedy The Last Man on Earth.

Oly Obst (Black Box), Mark Schulman (Chelsea Lately), and Tom Gormican (That Awkward Moment) will join Robinson and Scott as executive producers. Gormican will write the script, which follows a paranormal team engaged in the classic skeptic vs. believer dynamic. Deadline revealed the premise of the show:

Described as a sort of comedic X-Files, Ghosted centers on Leroy Wright (Robinson), a cynical, hilarious skeptic, and Max Allison (Scott), a genius “true believer” in the paranormal, who are hired by the Underground Investigative Service to look into the rampant “unexplained” activity in Los Angeles — all while uncovering a larger mystery that could threaten the existence of the human race.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 poster
Adam Scott (far left) and Craig Robinson (2nd from right) in Hot Tub Time Machine 2

Since most audiences know Adam Scott as straight-laced nerd Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation, it will be interesting to see his more eccentric side. Meanwhile, Craig Robinson's past playing the dry, observational Darryl in The Office could make him perfect for this role. Robinson and Scott have worked together in the past, most notably as co-stars in another sci-fi comedy, Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Ghosted will take a chance on new writer Tom Gormican, who only sports one other writing credit with the film That Awkward Moment, which was widely panned.

It's unclear whether these creators will coalesce into a dream team or produce a phantom-ridden mess. Though Robinson and Scott certainly have the chops and experience to bring these roles to life, Gormican hasn't yet really proven himself in the comedy world. The specific genre in which Ghosted hopes to find its niche is a tricky one that requires the right balance of absurdity and disbelief. The 'comedic X-Files' description likely means that the protagonists' dynamic will mirror that of the much-beloved Mulder and Scully; it's just a matter of balancing that well with comedy.

If it can live up to its comedic aspirations, Ghosted will certainly be able to garner fans. With viewers watching seemingly serious shows like Ghost Hunters for a good laugh, this could be the kind of production that fills a unique need in the prime time lineup. In the immortal words of Ben Wyatt, "'nerd culture' is mainstream now. So, when you use the word 'nerd' derogatorily, it means you're the one that's out of the zeitgeist."

Ghosted is still in early development, so a premiere date has not yet been announced.

Source: Deadline

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