Fox Moving Forward With 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

You know what's great about superhero movies? If you don't like one, wait a year or two and you'll probably get a reboot. Back in March, Screen Rant reported that Fox was considering rebooting their financially successful (but critically panned) Fantastic Four franchise. Now we have confirmation. According to Variety, the Fantastic Four reboot will be produced by Akiva Goldsman (Jonah Hex and Hancock) and written by Michael Green (co-executive producer of Heroes and co-writer of Green Lantern).

When we first heard whispers of this reboot from IESB, the word on the block was that a reboot would be "darker." Big surprise, right? Every superhero movie wants to get "darker" right now. Of course, darker is a relative term. As it stands, there's "dark, but fun" (Iron Man) or "just plain dark" (The Dark Knight). I'm betting that Fantastic Four will be more like the former.

What are the advantages of rebooting Fantastic Four? Well, for Fox, it means getting another crack at a franchise that has already grossed over $500 million. And since they're starting over, they can lock in a cast for a multi-picture deal without breaking the bank. For fans, it means getting to see a movie that doesn't suck goes beyond cliched action sequences and one-dimensional characters in order to actually tell a worthwhile story.

After Spider-Man and the X-Men, the Fantastic Four is one of Marvel's most storied franchises, and the one that is most deserving of a good reboot, IMHO. Now that Disney has purchased Marvel, it's a fair bet that all upcoming projects will see an increased level of quality control. Does that mean we'll finally get to see Reed Richards crossing blows with Doctor Doom in a meaningful way? One can only hope so.

Because this is a breaking story, there is no director or cast in place yet. As more news comes out on this reboot, Screen Rant will be here. In the meantime, what do you think? Who would you cast if you were calling the shots?

Source: Variety

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